How to cook pheasant chahohbili

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How to cook pheasant chahohbili
Chahohbili is a ragout, or stewed dish made of pheasants. This dish came from Caucasus, or more precisely from Georgia. Traditionally, chahohbili was served with white bread, but you also can cook rice, or anything else you like.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Preparing of proper ingredients is the fist step to the proper dish. Our list of ingredients will allow you to cook four portions of pheasant chahohbili.
    • 2 Pheasants, cleaned from feathers and lead shots.
    • 3-4 average sized onions.
    • 5-6 medium tomatoes. Use juicy soft tomatoes.
    • 2 medium bunches of fresh green coriander.
    • 1 medium bunch of fresh green basil.
    • Spices
      • 1tsp of coriander seeds.
      • 1/3tsp of grounded hot chilli or one fresh chilli.
      • 1tsp of saffron. This is not crucially important spice.
      • 1.5tsp of salt.
    • 50-100 grams of red wine (you can use water instead but the aroma will lose plenty of character)
    • 1-2tbs of vegetable/olive oil.
    • 50gr of butter - this is not necessary, but sometimes make meat more juicy.

  2. Cut pheasants into small pieces. Cut through the joints. Remove all yellow fat and try to remove small sharp bits of bones.

  3. Roast each side of pheasant pieces for 1.5-2 min on very hot pan without any extra oil, until the bird pieces turn rich brown colour. Inside they should stay raw, that is why it is very important to use very high heat.

  4. Fry finely sliced onion in vegetable oil, occasionally stirring until it turns light brown.

  5. Finely chop skinned tomatoes. Put into deep pan pre-roasted pieces of pheasants and chopped tomatoes.

  6. Add roasted onion to the pan and place on medium heat. You also can add some butter to make pheasant a bit more juicy and tender.

  7. Add red wine to the dish and simmer on medium heat under the lid about 1 hour.

  8. Stir in salt. If you've use fresh chilli - remove seeds and slice it into few big bits. Crush garlic. Put all spices into boiling pan. Chop green coriander and basil and put into pan.

  9. Simmer for another 5-10 min.

  10. Serve in a big deep plate and enjoy.

tips and tricks

  • Instead of pheasant you can use any other wild bird or even chicken.
  • If you want to have more tender pheasants pieces in chahohbili, reduce head and increase time of cooking.
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