Pheasant is one of most common game bird.

Pheasant is a bird with a long tail that has its origin in Asia. The meat of the pheasant is used to make delicious cuisines in many regions all over the world. Mentioned below are a few tips on using pheasant as an ingredient to make your extra special cuisines.

Larding the pheasant

Pheasant is a delicacy in many areas and the hunters use it for cooking on special occasions. The meat has a great and unique flavor but has to be cooked with great expertise. Cooking a pheasant requires larding. Larding forms an important part of the pheasant cooking process. This activity involves adding fat content to the meat of the pheasant to keep it moist. Larding is done because the fat in a pheasant’s meat is not sufficient to keep the meat moist. Without Larding the meat of the pheasant will dry up quickly resulting in a very lousy supper and ruining your special occasion. Larding is also useful if the meat has to be stored otherwise the stored meat will dry up fast. Since pheasant meat can be categorized as lean meat, fat instead of water will be a lot more effective in keeping in moist.

Larding is usually done by cooking the pheasant in a slice of bacon. When the bacon being cooked releases fat, the pheasant’s meat absorbs that fat meeting the fat deficiency. Larding can also be done by marinating the meat in thick oil which would add moisture to the meat.

Grilling the pheasant

When it comes to cooking the pheasant after larding, the procedure is pretty similar to that of cooking chicken but pheasant requires less time to cook as the size of pheasant is smaller than the size of chicken. Pheasant can be roasted in a pretty similar manner as chicken. Pheasant breasts can prove to be a great substitute for chicken breasts because of their exotic flavor.

Smoking the pheasant

The process of smoking does not take a lot of time as the pheasant is relatively smaller than chicken. The approximate smoking time for a pheasant should be around 2 to 3 hours. The temperature at which the pheasant is smoked should be a relatively higher because the pheasant meat catches bacteria fairly easily. Hot smoking reduces the chances of pheasant meat being contaminated with bacteria.

Pheasant food is a delicacy as it has a very different flavor and taste. It is fun to spice up your supper once in a while by shifting from chicken meat to pheasant meat. If cooked perfectly, the shift would be well worth the cooking effort.
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