game food

An animal hunted for fodder or sports is called game. When the game is cooked to eat, it becomes game food. The animal hunted depends upon the area; local preferences and the choice in game offered by the locality in addition to the climate of the hunting region. Fishes don't make it into the game food category, though. It could be birds like turkey or four-legged mammals like deer or elk. Depending on the size of the hunt, it may be called "small game" or "large game". Small game, as the name suggests, refers to smaller animals like rabbits or birds like pheasants, whereas large game means larger animals like bear.

African Game Food

Africa is known for a diverse fauna and so it attracts a lot of hunters for "big game". They range from brush-tailed porcupines to primates like gorillas and other mammals like buffaloes, antelopes and even elephants. They call the game "bushmeat"; whether it's meant for being their own food or for commercial purposes. There also reside a few animals that are endangered or protected and are therefore illegal to hunt.

South African Game Food

South Africa is famous for the wide variety of "gamebirds" – birds that can be made into game food. These include but most certainly aren't restricted to ostriches, ducks, geese, quail. There are over forty types of gamebirds out of which a few are forbidden to be hunted, like the "African Pygmy Goose".

Worldwide Game Food

There is a lot of game food hunting that goes on around the world, and despite being the most popular for it, Africa isn't the only place for hunting. Australia has a quite an assortment of game, too. These include the common game foods like duck and rabbits, but go on to others like crocodile, red fox and kangaroos among many others. Large games are more common in United States and Canada that constitute deer, elk, moose and the occasional raccoons or wild boars. Birds like turkey, quails and partridges are common in these areas.

Preparing Game Food

Game food needs to be prepared for being cooked. In case of big game, it is to be butchered just after it is slain and needs to be rid of the "viscera" - parts like the heart and the guts - so that the game doesn't get spoiled and is easier to carry off the field. Small animals and birds can be butchered later, though. When cooking game food, it should be kept in mind that it must not be cooked too much if it is of the leaner variety.
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