georgian cuisine

Georgia is best known for very unique and delicious tastes of its cuisine. A variety of dishes particularly the ones made from herbs and spices are highly famous all across the world. Georgia is also a pioneer in producing wine, narrated back from 6000 BC. The Georgian grape wines' fame journeys round the globe. Food and wine are a source of strong bonding among friends and family. Frequent parties and gatherings are a source of gratification and affection for the Georgian people.

Russians were the first to get a taste of the Georgian cuisine flavors. It is just lately that the rest of the world came to know about the exciting range of Georgian dishes. Meat, sauces, nuts and spices etc. have new definitions in Georgia.

Meat in Georgian Cuisine

The meat and sauce combination in most of Georgian dishes is exquisite. Kupati is a fleshy delight for the meat lovers. Pork, beef or mutton are mixed with red peppers in a distinctive combination shaping them into meaty parcels which make a great dish for luncheons. As of chicken, low boiled in a sauce of walnuts and garlic, the meal presents a hearty satisfaction. Kuchmachi is a favorite chicken dish served in a clay pot.

Cheese in Georgian Cuisine

Cheese has a peculiar place in Georgian cuisine. It is used as a primary ingredient for main courses. Spicy cheese is a specialty of Eastern Georgia. Khachapuri, a world renowned cheese-bread in countless varieties, uses a great amount of cheese to make numerous delicious tastes nowhere else to be found. The other main ingredients include: milk, eggs and butter. The result is a very tender material which everyone would like to have a bite on.

Spices in Georgian Cuisine

Spices are used by Georgian people in almost every cuisine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, are all loaded with spicy dishes. Both dried and fresh spices are used. Some exclusively made spices contain healthy substances like amino acids, iron, phosphorous and oils.

Vegetables in Georgian Cuisine

Georgia is agriculturally a very rich country. In addition to meat, the vegetables are also used in quite abundance. They are used in many states ranging from raw to extremely cooked and fried. Eggplants, beetroot, tomatoes and beans are essential part of almost every vegetable dish.

Wine in Georgian Cuisine

Wine in Georgia has a long history and is an integral part of a Georgian's dining table. Tradition of winemaking never slowed even in the recent times. Georgian winemakers pride their ancestors to be the original producers of wine who introduced it to the world.
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