How to salt swordfish

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How to salt swordfish
Slightly salted swordfish, is one of the most beautiful salted fishes you can find. Salted fish allows to fully enjoy by the gentle taste and the texture of this fish, rather than thermal cooking will completely destroy the texture of this fish.

step-by-step instructions

  1. For salting swordfish, it is important to have salt and swordfish fillet. The size of the fillet in not very important – you can salt reasonably large pieces. On the picture you can see about 1.2 kg chunk of the swordfish, and it is possible to salt much bigger pieces. Any salts are suitable, but the small table salt is ideal.

    • Swordfish fillet
    • Salt. The minimal amount of salt should be 2.5-3% of the fish weight. It's meat, that for each 100 gm of fish, you should take 2.5-3 gm of salt.

  2. Cover evenly all the fish fillet surfaces with the salt. It is not necessary to hardly rub it in. From the side of the skin, it is possible to increase amount of salt.

  3. Wrap salted swordfish fillet into a dry clean cotton rag and store in the fridge in an container for 4-5 days.

  4. Slice and serve with lemon.

tips and tricks

  • The slight smoking of the salted filled over an oak chips will give much better results, but the details of such smoking at home we will give somewhere else.
  • Too much salt can make this fish less tasty
  • It is a good idea, to check the salt during the salting.
  • This low salted sword fish can not be stored in the fridge for a long time, if you do not planning to consume it very quickly, it is possible to freeze salted fillet.
  • The picture shows either swordfish, or blue-shark fillet. Very often, some fishmongers substitute expensive swordfish with cheap blue-shark fillets, and without bones, it is impossible to spot any difference between them.
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