Actually, this section will be suitable for prawns ans shrimps, not only for shrimps.

Many cultures cuisines include shrimps in their recipes and a study revealed that there are over 600 shrimp recipes, though mostly Japanese and Chinese.

About Shrimps

Shrimps are small crustaceans, found both in salty and fresh water. Normally, they are found on the bottom of the water, but do not live there and float around. Shrimps are found in nearly every environment around the world and are of 2000 different species! A female shrimp can lay around one million eggs at a time which hatch in a few weeks.

Shrimps Food

Shrimps are carnivorous; therefore, they feed both on plants and animal species. Their major food is algae and tiny fish followed by other plants and plankton. Many people confuse prawns with shrimps; however, they both have different gill structure. People also differentiate between them according to their size and the type of water where they are found; with shrimps being tiny in size and found in many seas and rivers, compared to prawns.

Shrimps Consumption

Compared to other sea foods, shrimps are rich in calcium, iodine and protein, however, low in food energy. Still, it is widely eaten, loved and is America’s favorite sea food. It has topped the list for the previous three years.

Shrimps are widely used in food items; you usually have to remove its head, sand vein, tail and shell. They are cooked in rice, used in salads, and in Asian cuisines shrimp is even used as a flavor for soup. Some of the famous shrimp recipes include:

Pan-Grilled Shrimps Recipe

In this recipe, you only need shrimps, black pepper, salt, ketchup, lemon juice, vegetables and other spices if you want to. You simply have to rinse the shrimp well, marinate it with all the ingredients above for thirty minutes and then mix it with vegetables of your choice to grill it finally in a pan, but with coal and after an hour its ready!

Shrimp Salad

In this recipe, you boil the shrimp, dip it in yoghurt, mix herbs and onions, and finally serve it with lemon, salad leaves and cucumber. You can use mayonnaise instead of yoghurt and that makes ‘shrimp salad with creamy fresh herb’. This is an easy salad to make and gives a lavish impression, served usually to special guests.

Gilroy Garlic Shrimp

This is an Italian dish; Italian parsley, garlic and olive oil are used in its preparation. Though shrimp is high in cholesterol but it improves your low-density lipoprotein to high-density lipoprotein ratio. Shrimp is vastly used in food recipes as it is also healthy for circulatory system. Moreover, shrimp is allowed in many cuisines, including Islamic cuisines!
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