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How to make fish cream soup with shrimps

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How to make fish cream soup with shrimps
Any cream soups are rich and creamy. This fish soup is also very reach in proteins. The recipe is very simple even for beginners, but unfortunately, some ingredients are very rare and expensive in UK.

step-by-step instructions

  1. In any cooking, the first step is preparing of all ingredients.
    • 1 ltr of water
    • 0.6-0.7 kg of any white fish. Cheapest frozen from any supermarket will be fine.
    • 400gr pealed prawns or shrimps
    • 6 eggs
    • 150g double cream
    • 50-100g white whine, preferably with very sharp and bitter taste
    • 1.5-2 tsp saffron
    • salt
    If you've struggle with saffron, you can try to omit it, but in this case add a bit more white wine.

  2. Prepare fish stock, by simmering white fish with drop of salt. 20-30 min will be enough. During this time, you should prepare cream for this soup

  3. Separate egg white from yolks and discard yolks. You can use them later on for some other dishes

  4. Blend very well half of prawns, egg-yolk, double cream, whine and saffron

  5. Discard fish from the stock and use it somewhere else

  6. Put second half of prawns into stock. This should stop them from boiling. Reduce heat as well. From this time if this soup start to boil again, you fail.

  7. Put your blended cream into the bowl and steer well. Switch off heating

  8. You can serve now!

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