How to make shrimp wonton soup

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How to make shrimp wonton soup
Wonton, or hundun with shrimps – this is one of the dumplings from Chinese cuisine. The name wonton was appear after its shape, related with the look of mythological "primordial chaos", Hundun. In this recipe we will show, how to cook traditional in Cantonese cuisine shrimp wonton and shrimp wonton soup.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for about 80 wontons
    • Fatty pork, belly pork without skin is perfect, 350 gr
    • Raw large shrimps, 350 gr pure meat weight
    • Green onion, 2-3 sprigs
    • Chinese cabbage, also known as a Chinese leaves, 5-6 leaves
    • Ginger, 50 gm
    • Sugar, 2 tsp
    • Soy sauce, 2 tbsp
    • Roasted sesame oil, 2 tsp
    • Sake, 2 tbsp
    • Salt, 1 tsp
    • Ground black pepper, 1/2 tsp
    • Egg white, from 1 egg. This egg white will be used for pastry, not for the filling!
    • Wonton pastry, 2 packs, in total 84 sheets
    • Superior light broth, 2 litres per each 40 wontons

  2. Prepare mince from the pork. The best results will be achieved when the mince will be produced by chopping, not by mincing with mincer.

  3. Peel and devein shrimps. Mince them, The easiest way to do this – is to press them with wide meat chopper.

  4. Chop the shrimps mince a bit to make it a bit finer.

  5. In a bowl, mix all ingredients
    • Minced pork and prawns
    • Finely chopped green onion, 2-3 tbsp
    • Very finely chopped ginger (1 mm pieces), 2 tsp
    • Chinese leaves, chopped without very hard parts of the stem. The amount of this cabbage can vary, from 3-4 tbst unto 10-15 tbsp, depends on your preferences.
    • Salt 1tsp, black pepper 1/2 tsp
    • Sesame oil 2tsp, Soy sauce, 2tbsp, sake 2 tbsp

  6. Mix well all ingredients, cover with with cling film and leave in the fridge for at least half an hour.

  7. Use one teaspoon of pork and shrimp stuffing per one wonton. Put stuffing into the centre of wonton pastry, spread egg white near the border of the pastry and form a wonton.

  8. Place ready made wontons into a tray, powdered with tiny amount of flour. Now you can freeze these wontons by placing a tray with them into a freezer, or you can carry on for next step to make a shrimp wonton soup.

  9. To make a shrimp wonton soup, bring to boil superior light broth an a large soup pan. When the broth start boiling, put wontons into the broth and stir immediately to avoid adhesion of wontons to each other and to the pan walls. Boil wontons for about 8 minutes.

  10. Serve wonton soup with some extra chopped onion or other herbs.

tips and tricks

  • Use the mixture of already made chicken and pork broths from any supermarkets.
  • It is possible to cook wontons in a pure water, but then you should serve them without any liquid.
  • It is possible to steam wontons.
  • It is possible to deep-fry wontons.
  • When boil wontons, add some cabbage, or Chinese leaves.
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