How to make summer rolls Nem cuon

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How to make summer rolls Nem cuon
Nem cuon, is a Vietnamese summer rolls, contained baked pork, prawns, rice vermicelli, vegetable and herbs, wrapped into a rice paper. The exact amount of ingredients can significantly vary, and it related with chef's preferences. In this recipe, you can find the basic idea of summer rolls ingredients, and start to design your own unique spring roll formula. The summer rolls Nem cuon are consumed cold, which is very good for summer time.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Basic ingredients.
    • Rice paper. One sheet per one summer roll. Available in any oriental store.
    • Rice vermicelli, or rice noodles. Again, each oriental shop should have them.
    • Crispy roasted pork belly, Siu Yuk
    • Boiled, peeled king prawns.
    • Sweet paprika
    • Cucumber
    • Carrot
    • Salad, or Chinese leaves
    • Herbs:
      • Sprig onion
      • Parsley
      • Basil
      • Mint

  2. Prepare rice vermicelli. Pour boiling-hot water into a bowl with rice vermicelli. Leave them in this hot water for 5-8 minutes. Drain with pasta strainer, or colander.

  3. Simply cut through the pile of vermicelli to make them a bit shorter.

  4. Check the taste of prawns. If they are not salty enough, then add plenty of salt and pour with boiling-hot water. Drain after two minutes. If the prawns are large, slice them into halves alongside and de-vein them.

  5. Finely slice carrot, paprika and cucumber. Remove all hard bits from Chinese leaves, remove all stems from basil, mint and parsley. Slice roasted belly pork.

  6. Now it is a good time to make summer rolls.

    Soak single sheet of rice paper in a room temperature water for one second, or virtually, just make it wet. After wetting, the rice paper became very soft in a matter of one minute. Place wet rice paper on a flat surface. In the middle of the rice paper make a small hill from all ingredients: prawns, salad, pork, cucumber, paprika, carrot, herbs. For better presentation, try to put very green herbs on the bottom and red prawns on the top of the construction, or vise versa.

  7. Fold the rice paper from the hill ends, and then roll the rest of the rice paper to ...

  8. make a nice, summer roll. Do as much rolls as you need for now or for next meal. Serve with some oriental sauces of your preferences, like sweet and hot sauce, or just with soy sauce.

tips and tricks

  • Spend some time to find the best combination of herbs for your taste.
  • Rice paper is very fragile, so do not fold these rolls very tightly.
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