How to grill cuttlefish

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How to grill cuttlefish
Grilled cuttlefish, or cuttlefish on grill is a very popular Asian street food, but not only street food – it is also popular in restaurants and at home. But unfortunately, in Europe and in America, grilled cuttlefish is not very well known. More common way of cuttlefish cooking is usually 2 hours boiling with herbs and spices.

For preserving of cuttlefish texture and flavours it is better to use very quick cooking procedure, and cuttlefish charcoal grilling is one of the best way to do it. Here I will tell you how to grill cuttlefish in 5-6 minutes. It is really easy!

Let’s start to make this lovely grilled cuttlefish and enjoy the results. But first of all, you need to find decent sized cuttlefish. I will advise to use 1kg size cuttlefish. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Clean cuttlefish. It is a bit messy job, but you should do it. It is better if you keep head together with body without separation. Also, do not remove skin from the head and tentacles. You can read more about how to clean cuttlefish here.

  2. Make cuts in the thick parts of cuttlefish – between tentacles, in the body edge and through the stomach. This will helps to absorb more sauce and also helps to cook more evenly and faster.

  3. It is a good idea to marinate it in soy sauce before cooking. Even 15 -20 min in sauce will give nice salty taste.

  4. Sauce making. You can start your grill now and while grill is warming up and cuttlefish is marinated in soy sauce, it is a good time to prepare sauce for grilling. Very simple and straight forward process. Just mix all sauce components. Also you can add some more chilli if your prefer more hot stuff!

  5. Grilling! It is easier to watch video to understand how it was done, rather than read long text, but I will try to describe this process shortly.

    First of all you need to have very hot charcoal grill – almost maximal possible temperature!

    Place cuttlefish on once side and quickly brush top side with half of sauce. Cook no more than 2 minutes and flip to other side. Brush it with the rest of sauce, and after 2 minutes of cooking, flip it again. Cook 2 more minutes and it is ready.

  6. Serve with spicy vinegar sawsawan, or any other sauces of your choice. Yes you can add some rice as well.

    Watch our video, about making this grill

    and try to repeat at home – you will always like the result!!!

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