How to clean cuttlefish by peeling

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How to clean cuttlefish by peeling
Large cuttlefishes are usually sold as is, as a whole organism, not cleaned and not prepare for further cooking. Sometimes the ink sac is removed. In general, there are two different ways to clean cuttlefish. Here we will describe most common, used by professional fishmongers and by many chiefs in restaurants. In many cuisines, the cuttlefish tentacles are not used, but we’ve used them as well.

step-by-step instructions

  1. We will clean this lovely 3 pounds cuttlefish. At the beginning, check the ink sac and remove it if it is present. Wash the body with plenty of cold water.

  2. Remove cuttlebone (also know as cuttlefish bone). Make small skin cut in the front part of the bone, and remove the cuttlebone by pressing from the back side.

  3. Cut the skin from the cuttlebone hole.

  4. If the skin is not very hard, you can break it by hands, but if the cuttlefish is reasonably big, and the skin is hard, it is ok, to cut this skin with knife.

  5. Break very thin layer of muscles covering the stomach.

  6. Remove the stomach content away from the main body muscle.

  7. Simply pull off the skin with wings from the main body of cuttlefish.

  8. Pull off the skin from the wings. These two steps requires some efforts, but in general not very difficult. Not the cuttlefish body is cleaned and can be used (after rinse) in cooking.

  9. From this step we will be cleaning the tentacles.

    Pull out the bone from the head and cut it off completely with the sharp knife.

  10. Press from inside to push out the cuttlefish's beak and chop it off.

  11. Remove eyes and chop off the connective tissues.

  12. Pull off the skin from the tentacles. Usually you can easily pull off half of the skin. Leave rest of the skin on the tentacles ends.

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