How to cook scallion beef

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How to cook scallion beef
This is a traditional Japanese grill, called gyu negi maki, which served in many eating pubs in Japan. The main idea of these rolls of beef with onion, is to balance the mild sharpness of cooked scallion with savoury and cook everything in beef juices and fat over the hot charcoal or grill. In this article I will show how to cook scallion beef on the charcoal grill. This scallion beef can be used as a starter or as a main dish.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for one large portion.
    • Thin slices of marble beef, preferably rib-eye steak. 200-300 gm. This meat should be slices as this as possible. Some shops have already thin-sliced meat, search for sizzling beef (sukiyaki beef in Japan).
    • Scallions, trimmed from both ends to the length of about 15 cm, dozen.
    • Ingredients for marinade:
      • Soy sauce, ¼ tbsp.
      • Mirin, 1 tbsp.
      • Sake, 1tbsp.
      • Black pepper, freshly grounded, ½tsp.
    • Toothpicks for fixation.

  2. Mix all ingredients for marinade and whisk them carefully.

  3. Make a large flat layer from few beef slices and wrap three scallions into the beef sheet. Securely fix the roll with few toothpicks. Make these rolls about 1-1½ inch in diameter.

  4. Preheat grill to a hot, until the charcoal starts to covers with light white ashes. Brush and oil the grill-mesh for better results. Cook these rolls turning every 30 seconds. Brush them with marinade after each turn. Cock them to the medium-well or well doneness and the surface turns brown, glazed and glossy.

  5. Remove toothpicks. Slice rolls into an inch sized bits (usually 4 equal parts) and serve with soy sauce or with prepared marinade.

tips and tricks

  • Use tender steak meat, like rib-eye, or rump steak, preferably with strong marbling.
  • All ingredients for scallion beef can be found in any oriental shop.
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