Often confused with vegetables or sometimes with herbs, mushrooms are actually fungi that grow above the soil. Their appearance resembles vegetable plants, however, the mushrooms do not have any leaves or roots and they don’t also produce any seeds. Their normal habitat is in dark places with wet soils and they can be found all over the world.

Mushrooms Growth

Spread of spores from a grown mushroom produces more mushrooms in the surroundings. Mushrooms are now grown commercially by farmers and supplied into food markets. Harvesting wild mushrooms is never recommended, since there are many mushroom species that are extremely poisonous. However, a mushroom can also cause severe diarrhea, cramps, sweat and sometimes even severer repercussions like liver function failure.

Mushrooms Uses

Use of mushrooms in different foods has been in practice for many thousand years. They were considered a royal food during ancient Egyptian times. Even in the recent past around 200 years ago, they were a very popular food item in France. USA was quite late to recognize mushrooms as a good food source and did not start using it until early 1900s.

Cleaning mushrooms can be tricky since they are a delicate material covered with mud and sand. Cleaning is done with cold water or a soft wet cloth. Mushroom slices can be used as part of your regular salad. You may also make a vegetable burger with grilled mushrooms, lettuce and tomato. While making a pizza many different kinds of mushrooms can be used in it. There are many commercial outlets specialized in making mushroom rich pizzas. Mushrooms may also be grilled to make a unique taste.

Mushrooms Benefits

Mushrooms are known to be having a lot of health and nutrition benefits. They are cholesterol-free with ample supply of vitamin B and proteins. They have amazing effects on the human body immune system. They are used to treat many illnesses like migraine, headache, influenza, blood circulation, eyesight and hearing etc.

The fungus is useful to help treat cancer as well. It has been observed that regular intake of mushrooms over a long period of time helps reduce cancer cells in a body.

Potassium found abundant in mushrooms helps decrease the chances of stroke by decreasing high blood pressures. Therefore, it is also used to treat anxiety and high blood pressure patients. They are low in sodium, calories and carbohydrates with ample fiber which makes them a very good food to maintain a healthy metabolism.

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