How to Grill fillet steak on Skewers

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How to Grill fillet steak on Skewers
A very traditional way of cooking meat in many countries is to cube, marinate, and then grill it on skewers. I think it is virtually impossible to mention all countries doing this. This meat has some well-known names, such as shashlik, kebab or just skewered meat.

really, for this cooking, meat should be tender with a lot of fat layers. Therefore, fillet steak is not an ideal candidate. But it is possible to make nice shashlik from fillet steak as well. In this recipe, I will show you basic marinade and techniques, which can be used to cook fillet steak kebab.

Marinade for shashlik has a few important functions: It makes the meat softer, it changes its taste, to make a better and tastier meat crust and it also cam makes it juicier.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients. Cheap fillet steak. It is better to use fillet tails - the same quality as the meat but at a significantly lower price. The same amount in weight of onion. Salt - to make meat about 1% salted, or, strictly speaking, taking onion in the count, use 20g of salt for every kilo of fillet steak. Black pepper, Italian herbs, fresh thyme- to taste.

  2. Roughly chop the onion. It is not really important how you will do it. I do prefer thin hal rings - it is quick and easy.

  3. Mix onion with salt and rigorously smash it with your hands. Until the onion turns into almost a paste-like structure. Add herbs and mix it again.

  4. Chop meat into cubes with about 2 cm side. Try to keep as much fat as possible, but remove any big film.

  5. Mix meat with onion marinade and keep marinating for a couple of hours.

  6. Arrange meat on the skewers. Make sure that you've removed all onion bits from the meat. When grilling, the onion leftovers will burn very quickly and destroy the taste of the meat.

  7. Grill on the highest possible heat, very close to the charcoal and make sure to stop grilling when it will be medium rare inside. That it! enjoy!

    If you are not sure, please have a look at our video, how to cook it.

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