How to make twice ground burger

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How to make twice ground burger
Burger is a very nice food if you cook it properly. But what is the properly prepared and cooked burger? Let’s check them out. I would like to say, that, burger should be:
  1. Burger should be very succulent
  2. Burger should be crumbly
  3. Meat should be meaty and tasty
  4. Smell of smoke and real grill should be present
  5. Burger meat should have crispy crust
  6. Inside meat should be very tender
All these requirements, we can be achieved, if we will make twice ground burger. And in this short article I will show you how to make twice ground burger.
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step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for these twice minced burgers. First off all, you need to understand, that the meat, used in this recipe should be very high quality. Preferably beef should be long matured as well. Here I will give ingredients for approximately 16 or 18 6oz (170g) twice ground burgers. But you can easily change amount of all ingredients proportionally.
    • Meat: Use only high quality meat, at least matured fro 3 weeks:
      • Meaty beef ribs – 1.5 kg
      • Hanger skirt/Onglet/Skirt/Flat Iron steak – 1.5kg
      • Beef fat – 5% from meat weight.
    • Salt. Beef burger is already prepared product and it should be properly salted during cooking. Use 0.75-1.0% of meat weight without bones.
    • Spices. It is possible to make twice ground burger without any spices. And it will be nice and beautiful. But sometimes spices make it is a bit better and also can make it more succulent! I will not advise you to use any spices which you don;t like, but Please consider to add mixture of peppers and coriander as a first approach to your perfect taste. And also, dried onion – during preparation, dried onion will adsorb some juice and make final burger much more juicy!
      • Dried onion – 1tbsp for every 1kg of meat
      • Black pepper – 1/2tsp for every 1kg of meat
      • Coriander – 2/3tbsp for every 1kg of meat
    • All other ingredients are not really related to twice ground burger itself, but used for make full burger combination
      • Bread bun – use proper burger bun, without strong crust. Brioche will be perfect.
      • Vegetables absolutely must for proper burger:
        • fresh sweet onion
        • tomatoes
        • salad leafes
        • salted cucumbers
        • rocket salad
      • Slice of cheese. Don’t use cheap crap cheese for good burger.

  2. Remove bones from the rib beef. Slice into mincer suitable chunks. Steak meat – remove all surface fat and and remove all tendons and sinews. The rest of pure steak meat from hanger skirt – slice into long strips. Mix all meat with fat and sinews with salt, according amount calculated earlier. Leave overnight in the fridge to salt.

  3. Grind beef ribs, fat and sinews on the mincer with small plate size 2-4mm only. Carefully mix this mince with spices. Do not mix it very well.

  4. Combine steak meat with processed mince to make some chunks, suitable for mincer. Easiest way is to make them sausage like, thick sticks.

  5. On the mincer plate with large holes – 15-20mm, process these meat mixed chunks. Do not mix new mince – it should be virtually untouched!

  6. Do not mix this mince any more. With cup, or spoon – measure equal amount of mince and by simple hand pressing – make flat burger disks. Just make sure that edges are firm, and they are equally thick. Place each burger on separate film or plastic bag and freeze them.

  7. Cook from frozen of drop of oil, on very high heat. Turn them every so often, but do it very carefully, because burgers are pretty fragile.

  8. Add drop of water to catch fire if you would like to add some read grill smoky aroma, but be careful!!!

  9. Serve as you like.

    Watch our video, about cooking of this twice ground burger

    and try to repeat at home – you will always like the result!!!

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