How to make dipping sauce for crispy pata, sawsawan

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How to make dipping sauce for crispy pata, sawsawan
In this recipe I will show you, how to make dipping sauce for crispy pata, sawsawan. It is very easy, but the result will be great. This sauce works well with any kind of meat, fish and even bread. Traditionally this sawsawan sauce is served for crispy pata, but can be used for many other meals.

Of course, the exact recipe of dipping sauce for crispy pata never exists, because every chef doing it slightly differently, but the main idea of main ingredients are the same. This recipe was derived from those I’ve try in Cebu, Philippines.

If you try this dipping sauce once, you will always return back to it and it will be your personal “must have” sauce.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for this sawsawan are very approximate. Generally amount of each compound is adjusted to the taste. But here we will give sort of classical combination:
    • Soy sauce – 1/3 cup
    • Vinegar – 1 cup
    • Brown sugar – 1 tbsp
    • Onion – 1 bulb
    • Garlic – 1 bulb
    • Hot chilli pepper – 3-4 fruits

  2. Mix sugar with sou sauce and vinegar and make sure that sugar is completely dissolved before moving to the next step. It is very easy to do by steering with fork. When th sugar is completely dissolved, you can move to the next step of making dipping sauce for crispy pata.

  3. Chop onion. Finely slice garlic and chilli and add everything to the sauce. You can try you sauce for sugar and maybe salt. The spiciness will be develop over the time. It is a good idea to slightly jam onion with fork. It will accelerate the process of miniaturisation.

  4. Leave for 10-15 minutes for miniaturisation. Your dipping sauce for crispy pata, sawsawan is ready. and serve with your meat of fish.

    For more details about how to make dipping sauce for crispy pata, sawsawan, please watch our video on youtube:

    I hope, that after watching this short video about Sawsawan Dipping Sauce for Crispy Pata Filipino Cuisine you will have no more question and can make this Filipino spicy dipping sauce at home.

tips and tricks

  • Add juice or chopped kalamansi. Or lime. This make this dipping sauce much more rich.
  • Adjust spiciness of sawsawan to your personal taste
  • You can store ready sauce in the fridge for a week.
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