How to make semi-hot smoked chicken drumsticks

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How to make semi-hot smoked chicken drumsticks
Smoked food have very delicious taste. Unfortunately, many smoked food, available for sale, made with liquid smoke, rather than with read wood smoke. In this recipe, the semi-hot smoked chicken drumsticks will be prepared. The smoking is very simple, but a bit time consuming.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • Chicken drumsticks.
    • Chinese five spices for seasoning
    • Very large rock salt
    • Green tea, like gunpowder.
    • Sugar
    • Equipment for smoking
      • Camping hotplate electrical stove or gas cooker stove
      • Old wok
      • Bamboo steamer plate
      • Lead for bamboo steamer, or use another bamboo steamer plate sealed with punctured foil

  2. Season chicken drumsticks with five spices and plenty of salt. Cover with cling film, and keep under the weight in the fridge overnight, or even 24 hours.

  3. Wipe out all salt and extra spices from the chicken skin. Place chicken on the bamboo steamer plate, without contacts between them.

  4. Cover wok with the foil, to prevent it from extra damage. Place foil trays with sugar and with green tea. For slowing smoking process it is possible to add some water into the tray with the green tea.

  5. Place steamer plates onto the wok and put the wok on the stove. This is a semi-hot smoking process, so the temperature inside the smoker should be reasonably low. We do recommend to use medium heat for the first 3 or 4 hours. Check regularly during this process, the temperature inside the meat should be around 50 ° C. If the sugar completely burns, change the tray with the sugar. It is ok the turns chicken occasionally.

  6. Now, due to health and safety reasons, it is very important to worm up chicken up to about 80 degrees inside. Change the tea and sugar trays and increase the heat to the maximum. After half an hour, the temperature inside the meat will be about 80 ° C - don't forget to check this! And new tea and sugar will produce plenty of fresh, lovely smoke.

  7. The chicken drumsticks are ready now. They are perfect when hot, but also they are perfect when cold. During this cooking, the skin will turns into a very dry, hard and solid thin film, so, do not worry about this - it is normal.

tips and tricks

  • Use the described smoking device outside.
  • Use old wok, which will not be used for other cooking.
  • At the beginning, we do recommend to use needle thermometer to check the temperature inside the meat, but when you will repeat this cooking for many times and your experience will increase, you can trust your experience and cook without thermometer.
  • Never use liquid smoke, because it can be very unhealthy.
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