Duck is a type of bird, similar to the species of swans and geese. It is found in both fresh and salty water. The word 'duck' has its roots in the English word ‘duce’, meaning to bend down. Although the word can be used for both male and female species, some use it specifically for adult females, referring to males as drakes, while to young ones as ducklings. Different species of ducks are found all around the world, ranging from the Arctic Northern Hemisphere to the temperate regions of the earth. Many ducks are kept in populated areas, like parks and picnic spots, to delight the eyes of the passer-bys. Many cosmopolitan cities keep ducks to give the area a natural look.

Duck Food.Ducks eat fish, small amphibians, insects, aquatic plants, worms and grasses etc. Since, they eat both plants and animals, they are classified as omnivores. Ducks that swim deep underwater are called diving ducks or sea ducks. They find their food underwater. While ducks that feed on the surface of the water are called dabbling ducks. Some ducks have specially-designed beaks to allow them to pull up waterweed and worms out of the mud.

Duck Breeding.Mostly ducks are monogamous, meaning they stick with one partner, although this partnership lasts for only a year in most cases. Partnerships lasting for several years are usually between larger species. Ducks breed by making a nest and then laying eggs there. They are generally very protective of their young.

'Quacking' and 'scauping' Duck.Most people think that all ducks 'quack', but this is actually quite wrong. Only the female dabbling ducks quack, not the male ones, while the diving ducks are known to make a sound such as 'scaup'.

Duck Uses for Humans.Ducks have been known to benefit human beings primarily by providing them with meat and eggs. Apart from this, their feathers are also used for many decorative purposes and for making many ornaments. Although being heavily objected by animal rights activists, shooting of ducks for sports is still quite common in many parts of the world. Since, they cannot fly or react as quickly as most birds, they can easily be spotted and shot in no time. The famous Disney cartoon characters, Donald Duck and his three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie are one example of ducks being represented in the media.
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