The word offal means organ meats referring to the internal organs of a butchered animal. The offal may refer to different parts of the animal carcass which are discarded after butchering or skinning, just like the spinoffs of crushed grains such as corn or wheat. Offal, which is not utilized directly by humans, is often processed and is used for fertilizers or fuel. Moreover, it can be used to produce animal food. Whatever one may call offal, the term means the part of the animal except the skin, muscle or bone, but the tongue and tail are classified as an offal as well .

A lot of people occasionally tuck into offal each time they consume sausages, which are the skins usually made from sheep, or pig. In many European and Asian countries, no animal part is wasted. Many people look it as an environmental friendly approach. Traditional British offal dishes include: brawn, chitterlings and faggots.

Offal forms an integral part of Scottish, American, Jewish and African cuisines.

Offal Buying

When buying offal, never buy old or rotten material. Offal must be fresh, especially when you are considering buying kidneys, which get taint and bitter quickly. Dry and bad smelling offal should also be evaded. Liver and kidneys are most widely used offal and are simple to cook as well. Supermarkets usually do not have fresh offal, so it’s wise to buy from someone who is trustworthy.

Offal Storage

Although, the use of Offal is extensive in European and American countries, many Asian meat markets have also launched ready to cook Offal products like sausages.
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