italian cuisine

Did anyone say “Italian Cuisine”? That name takes your mind to certain dishes, their delectable aromas and even stereotypical ingredients like olive oil and cheese of course, that make the food classically Italian. For someone less than a true food aficionado, the word is analogous to pizza, pasta or creamy sauces, there is in reality a lot more to Italian Cuisine than just those few conventional foods. It is distinguished by its simplicity with minimal ingredients – in fact; the food heavily relies on the ingredients to turn on their magic. It is unplanned and uncomplicated that makes it easy to cook at home without actual expertise, even.

Italian Cuisine History

The Italian cuisine dates back to ancient times, before Christ even, and has evolved and gone through transformations and alterations. It is famous for its specific taste and is quite popular throughout the world. The first Italian cookbook was written sometime near the first century BC, which goes to show the significance of food in the society. After the end of the Roman Empire, Italy went through a drastic cultural and political change, as the structure of the country was changed to separate states. This marks the era where Italian Cuisine started expanding due to diversity of separate regions.

Ingredients for Italian Cuisine

Not to imply that Italian Cuisine doesn’t use a wide range of ingredients, there are a few conventional ingredients from fruits and vegetables to sauces and spices that are very common in them. Aside from the obvious distinguishing ingredients like all the various kinds of cheese and wine, there are other ingredients that set Italian Cuisine apart. Of course, the trademark of Italian cuisine is pasta – any and all kinds – that includes all the various sizes of noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, lasagna and penne among others. Pasta could be dried, sans eggs or fresh. It is traditionally cooked al dente, in Italy, though people make it softer in the rest of the World.

Italian Cuisine in the World

All over the world, Italian cuisine is so popular that there are an insane amount of restaurants that specialize in Italian foods, only. The pizzas all around are mainly based on the Neapolitan style, though they usually have thicker crusts and more toppings. People everywhere love the various Italian sauces, and pasta is ever present, be it in the form of spaghetti, lasagna or macaroni. Then there is the irresistible temptation of dishes like risotto and ravioli. Cappuccinos, espressos and lattes are favoured across the globe by coffee lovers along with the occasional biscotti or croissant. Italian cuisine is quite well-liked and people add their own touches to it to make it to their likings.
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