filipino cuisine

  • How to make kinilaw na balatHow to make kinilaw na balat
    Very unusual name of the dish, kinilaw na balat, related with its Filipino origin, and it’s original name. Kinilaw is a derivative from the bisaya ...

  • How to make Sukang SinamakHow to make Sukang Sinamak
    This is a story, how to make Sukang Sinamak at home. Sukang Sinamak is a Filipino spicy vinegar. Really spicy. But in this recipe, I’ve change few ...

  • How to deep fry chicken paws, Filipino styleHow to deep fry chicken paws, Filipino style
    Filipino street food is very diverse. You can find a lot of different styles of food. One of the popular way of cooking chicken on the street is a ...

  • How to cook Philippine adobo chickenHow to cook Philippine adobo chicken
    In this recipe I will tell, how to cook Philippine adobo chicken. This dish is so popular in Philippines, that it can be considered as a national ...

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