How to pickle onions quickly

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How to pickle onions quickly
Many dishes can be significantly improved if they will be served with pickled onions, or with fresh, but very mild onion. This recipe will give you very simple idea, how to prepare such pickled onion is a matter of minutes. This is a very nice addition to meat dishes, and on average, an adult will consume at least one medium sized onion.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • 2 mild red onions.
    • 100 ml of non-brewed vinegar (4% acidity).

  2. Clean and peel onions. Cut them into halves.

  3. Finely slice them into half-rings.

  4. In small bowl soak sliced onion in vinegar.

  5. Serve after 10 minutes of soaking. Onion's red colouring, partially dissolved in vinegar will make any dish very attractive.

tips and tricks

  • Serve with any roasted lamb dishes.
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