How to cook Shaki Khanate-style guinea fowl

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How to cook Shaki Khanate-style guinea fowl
Shaki Khanate-style guinea fowl is a lovely example of Azerbaijan cuisine. Previously, all birds, like guinea fowl, where free ranged, grown on natural food and the meat was not so tender as in modern chickens. The cooking techniques for such birds should be is very different and include reasonably long cooking. In this recipe we will make very lovely guinea fowl, but the stock, produced will not be edible.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients:
    • Guinea fowl. One average sized bird.
    • Onion. About 3kg per one bird.
    • Lemon. 1 fruit.
    • Spices:
      • Cloves, 3-4 per bird
      • Cinnamon. 1 stick per bird.
      • Black pepper. Few corns.
      • Salt. To taste. 1 tsp.

  2. Clean the bird. Remove all feathers, liver and fat glands from the tail.

  3. Clean and peel onion. Chop it into small pieces, suitable for juicer, or mincer.

  4. Make onion juice. The simplest way is to use standard juicer or mincer.

  5. Filter onion juice from the hard bits.

  6. Place guinea fowl into a suitable bowl and fill with onion juice. Add lemon juice from one fruit. If the bird will not covered completely by onion juice, then add some water. Add all spices an salt. Bring to boil and simmer until meat will be tender, this will take about 2 hours, but the time may vary.

  7. Serve.

tips and tricks

  • Do not use blender to make onion juice.
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