How to cook cheap chateaubriand steak

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How to cook cheap chateaubriand steak
Originally, chateaubriand steak was cooked from fillet steak (tenderloin in American classification). This recipe originated from the Louis XVIII epoch. It is possible to make a similar chateaubriand steak from other beef cuts, rather than fillet. The most obvious substitution is the rump steak. Anyway, this is not a proper chateaubriand steak recipe, but a cheap substitution for budget cooking. There are plenty of different chateaubriand recipes, which differ by spices and sauces, but the main cooking technique is pretty similar.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • A cut of tender, well matured meat. Rump side will be suitable. Use a thinner cut if you prefer a more well roasted meat and a thicker cut if you prefer more rare roasting. Use about 0.5-1.0 kg pieces. If your guests prefer different roastings, you can cut the meat diagonally.
    • Butter – 50-75 gm.
    • Garlic – half bulb.
    • Hot chilli – one fruit.
    • A small bunch of fresh green herbs (like thyme, lemon thyme, rosemary, sage, etc.)
    • Mill with salt and pepper.
    • Olive oil.

  2. Peel and chop the garlic into 2-3 pieces. Clean and cut the chilli.

  3. Prepare a small, deep oven proof tray. It is important to have the tray just slightly bigger than your meat because you should have decent level of melted butter at the end of cooking. Add a drop of olive oil, butter and pinch of salt. Put the tray into the oven on medium heat.

  4. Cover the meat with olive oil and mill plenty of salt and pepper on each side.

  5. Preheat on the highest heat a casting-iron roasting pan. Roast the meat on each side on highest power for two minutes.

  6. By this time, the butter in the baking tray should have completely melted. Add all herbs, garlic and chilli into the melted butter on one side of the tray.

  7. On the other side of the tray place the meat pieces and put the tray into oven on high heat.

  8. Sprinkle butter over your meat pieces every 4 minutes. Turn over your meat pieces every 8 minutes. Check the readiness of your meat by pushing it with a spoon. If your meat is rare, it will not restore its shape after pushing. Medium ready meat will restore its shape after pushing and will be like soft jelly. For a 1 kg chunk of meat, the average cooking time will be no more than 25 mins.

  9. Slice the cooked meat and serve it on a dish.

  10. Sprinkle 2-3 tbsp of butter from the baking tray over your sliced meat. Enjoy.

tips and tricks

  • If you would like to cook meat to a different readiness at once, cut the meat into pyramid pieces. In the thick part the meat will be rare, and in the thin part it will be well done, with varying styles in between.
  • Be prepared to have plenty of smoke.
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