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How to cook Cabbage pancake Baechujeon 배추전

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How to cook Cabbage pancake Baechujeon 배추전
Another simple and amazing Korean dish – Korean cabbage pancake, baechujeon (배추전).

Baechujeon is popular in some Korean provinces, but not much spread and not very well known. Sweet and crispy Chinese leafs with tasty batter cover make these pancakes idea for anything. You can have them alone or together with any fillings.

Cooking is very easy, and everybody can do it. I think these cabbage pancakes will be a good alternative to a traditional pancakes.

So, let’s cook baechujeon (배추전) now!!!

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients. It is difficult to say how many portions you will do from one cabbage head, because they are so tasty ant it is possible to eat a lot!
    • Very good stock (chicken, pork, fish, beef) – 1 cup. Ok ok, you can use vegetable stock for vegetarian version of this pancakes.
    • Flour – 1 cup
    • 1 egg
    • Salt – to taste, depends on stock saltiness.
    • Turmeric or paprika - 1tsp
      • Chinese leaf – one head
      • Oil for frying
      • Sauce:
        • 2 tbsp – Soy sauce
        • 1 tbsp vinegar (4-5%)
        • 1 tsp – sesame seeds
        • 1 tsp – gochugaru- Korean chilli flakes
        • 1 tsp – chopped green onion

  2. Make sauce. It is a good to start with sauce to give it some time to mature. Finely slice onion and mix all ingredients for a sauce. Set aside. Simple, isn’t it.

  3. Batter mix. Cup of stock with with 2/3 cup of flour, add egg, salt if necessary and ad colouring agent (turmeric or paprika). Mix well and check viscosity. It you feel that it is too runny, add some more flour, But not more than one cup in total. Mix well and set aside

  4. Prepare cabbage leafs. Cut off every large leaf from the Chinese cabbage head and make them flat. To make them flat – make few cuts from the each side. Wash them to make softer and cleaner.

  5. Frying time! Preheat large pan on medium heat with drop of oil. Dip every leaf in the batter mix and start to fry. Fry until golden and crispy. It is possible to add more batter to make it thicker. Don;t turn too often. Ideally fry once from each side. Or two times. Don’t overcook

  6. When all pancakes are ready – cut them into a bite size pieces and serve with sauce and any fillings.

    You can watch our video, how to cook Cabbage pancake Baechujeon 배추전:

    Try to make it and you will like it!!!

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