How to make jellyfish salad (凉拌海蜇沙拉)

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How to make jellyfish salad (凉拌海蜇沙拉)
Jellyfish salad (凉拌海蜇沙拉) is more about enjoying taste and the structure of the salad, rather than taking some calories. Jelly fish is really low-calories food. This is really gentle food and everything you’ve add to this salad, should be gentle as well.

Really, I don’t understand, why this jellyfish is only available in Chinese shops and not used world-wide. It is so nice!!!

Anyway, let’s make it. But first of all you need to find proper jellyfish, and it looks like you need to visit Chinese store and after that, this jelly fish salad(凉拌海蜇沙拉) will be one of your favourite!

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • Jellyfish – 80gm. Really we are depends on the pack size. Not many people can catch jellyfish and prepare it from alive state, but if I will catch one day, I will show it.
    • Sesame oil – 1 tbsp
    • Soy sauce – 1tsp, preferably low salt
    • Sweet vinegar, sushi vinegar will be perfect – 1 tsp
    • Chilli oil – 1 tsp (this is much better than fresh chilli)
    • Green onion – 1 sprout
    • Coriander – few leafs
    • Black and white sesame seeds – to decorate
    • Cucumber – 1/3 of the jelly fish volume

  2. If you have dried jellyfish or salted jellyfish – soak it in the water for few hours. Otherwise, just wash it.

  3. Mix all sauces, sesame seeds, finely slices onion and coriander leafs and mix in jellyfish.

  4. Add finely slices cucumber on top.

    This is easiest salad really, but it is so nice and fresh and amazing really and very diet! Goes very well as a started or just light snack. Look at out video, how we cook this salad.

    That it, it is so simple!!!

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