How to make torched salmon

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How to make torched salmon
Torched salmon - already sounds wired. And probably you don’t want to know how to make torched salmon. But it only because you don’t know anything about it. When you’ll try it – you will like it from the first bite. This is a very simple example of modernist cuisine, which can easily be repeated at home.

Torched salmon have very juice and tender texture inside, but furthermore, it have very nice crispy skin and lovely real fire smoked aroma. This unique combination of flavours make this dish unique.

It is easy to make torches salmon if you have blow torch and not afraid to make a bit of smoke in your kitchen.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients:
    • Fresh skin on salmon. As much as you want to cook.
    • small table salt
    • Rosemary stalks, piece of wood – this is advisable but not crucial. You can use metal tray or piece of foil instead of them.
    • Lemon and dill for serving, but again it is optional
    • Blow torch – it is important to have blow torch, which is used for cooking

  2. Remove scales from the skin. It is easy to descale salmon with simple knife or special de-scaling knife.

  3. Slice salmon fillet into a 2cm thick stripes. It is important to achieve proper cooking. If these pieces will be much thicker – then you will have undercooked meat inside. Thinner pieces will overcook, while you achieve proper surface colour.

    Salt each piece from all sides with thin table salt. You can leave them now for few minutes for salt to go inside.

  4. Place few rosemary stalks on the wooden surface (wood will be burned, so use those you don’t need). Place salmon on top, skin down.

  5. Cook salmon from each side by slowly moving flame from blow torch all around the surface. It will take about 1min 30 seconds. No more.

  6. Turn salmon fillet skin up and torch again from every side for about 1 minutes 30 sec. Pay extra attention to uniform cooking from each side. Don’t apply blow torch for a long time on one spot, move it slowly all around.

  7. Serve with chopped dill and lemon slice.

    When you watch our video Torched Salmon, Modernist Cuisine

    you will remember forever how to make torched salmon.

tips and tricks

  • Never use large salt – it can cracks during the torching process.
  • You can cook any fish with this technique
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