How to make kinilaw na balat

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How to make kinilaw na balat
Very unusual name of the dish, kinilaw na balat, related with its Filipino origin, and it’s original name. Kinilaw is a derivative from the bisaya term kilaw, which meat – eat fresh. Originally some food in Philippines was consumed very fresh, raw, almost alive. Balat is a sea cucumber. In some areas this sea cucumber can called Bat. So it is ok to call this dish as kinilaw na balat or kinilaw na bat.

Strictly speaking, this is very similar to Latin America Ceviche. The same idea of marination raw seafood in vinegar and lemon juice mixed with salad vegetables.

To make proper kinilaw na balat it is very important to find fresh sea cucumber, which is not very easy to do everywhere. But if you’ve got it – this kinilaw na bat should be one of the first dishes you’ve try to make.

This how to will be written in a bit unusual format, because almost all pictures where done in not very good conditions, without preliminary preparation.

step-by-step instructions

  1. First set of ingredients. Sea cucumber. 2 cups. Or, because, this time I’ve decide to mix deep water and shallow water sea cucumbers – 1 cup. This is already cleaned sea cucumber, so I cant show the process of cleaning in details.

  2. Continue with sea cucumbers. One more cup of different sea cucumber. When you have a mixture of sea cucumbers, the salad start to be more rich in texture. As I’ve tell before – 2 cups of sea cucumber meat in total.

  3. Second set of ingredients – fresh vegetables. Of course you should choose from what it is available.
    • Coconut vinegar – 1/2 cup. You can use spicy Sukang Sinamak, or plain vinegar.
    • Calamansi juice – 2 fruits. Or substitute is with the juice of one lime or half lemon.
    • Medium onion - 1
    • Ginger – 3cm piece.
    • Tomatoes – 2-3 small fruits.
    • Green onion – 2-3 sprigs
    • Hot chili – optional to taste. No more that 1 tbsp of chopped Birds eye
    • Sea salt – 1 tbsp.

  4. Clean sea cucumber. Because today I only have already cleaned and sliced sea cucumber – it is impossible to show all procedure, step by step. I only make sure, that hard bits – like sea cucumber mouth is removed.

  5. Grate ginger. Finely chop onion, tomatoes and chili if any. Mix with chopped sea cucumber. Add salt and calamansi juice.

  6. Add vinegar, mix everything and leave for 10 minuted for marinating in cold place, like in the fridge.

  7. Add chopped green onion and mix everything well.

  8. Serve and enjoy. As simple as that.

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