How to fry spicy Plantains

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How to fry spicy Plantains
If I would like to be botanically correct, then it will be no difference between plantains and bananas. But there is a common practice to use word bananas for bananas eating raw and plantains for those, which are better to cook. Of course this is not strict definition, because you can cook normal bananas and eat plantains raw.

The most common way of plantains cooking id frying them in oil or butter. In this recipe I will show, how to fry spicy plantains. For extra hot and pure spiciness I will use small Komodo dragon chilli with about 2mln SHU in Scoville heat units. Different plantain doneness will give different sweet taste, but the main rule telling, that the darker plantain is fried the more sweeter it is. Later, when you know how to fry spicy plantains, you can choose any doneness you like.

You can use fried spicy plantains as any meal or part of them meal. They will be perfect as a starter, side, desert or independant dish.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients are very simple and approximate. You can adjust them to your taste:
    • Plantain – 1. One per person will usually b a good portion.
    • Knob of butter – 20-30gm
    • Ground cinnamon – few pinches. It will be much better to use cheese five spices.
    • Salt – to taste. Yes, it will be very nice to add pinch of salt to make the taste of pan fried spicy plantains more distinctive
    • Sugar – optional. It depends how sweet you want to have you dish.
    • Komodo Dragon chilli – one smallest fruit will be enough to make whole fried plantain very hot. Be careful!!!

  2. Peel the skin of the plantain and slice it into a chunks just slightly thinner 1cm. Don’t do them too thin and do not do too thick one. Again you can slice in any shapes you like… Pierce or slightly cut the skin of chilli fruit.

  3. In a large thick skillet melt the butter and add chilli fruit. It is important to use thick skillet to avoid local overheating. It is ideal to keep temperature in the range 170-200 degrees.

  4. Add plantain slices and sprinkle them with salt, spices and maybe sugar.

  5. Turn plantain slices every so often. Don’t burn them, but so not afraid of the very dark colour developed on the surface. You can use lover temperature to cook more deep and less dark, or higher temperature to make the surface more caramelised. Cooked as long as you like. There is no right and wrong doneness.

    Remove from the pan and serve on the plate. At this stage, plantain slices will be very hot and spicy, but if you want to make them more spicy – add tiny slice of fried chilli on the top of each piece.

tips and tricks

  • You can buy plantain with the different skin colour, from green towards yellow and black. Please not, the darker skin is, the more sweet the fruit will be. On the picture it is only started blackening and it is lightly sweet.
  • You must use Komodo dragon chilli with caution. It is very advisable to wear gloves during chillies preparation.
  • What is better to use, oil or butter? The answer is simple – butter will give you very strong nutty aroma and slight sweet taste. But the butter can easily be burned, and it is more difficult to use it. Personally I prefer to use butter for this cooking.
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