How to make hot smoked pork loin

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How to make hot smoked pork loin
This recipe give you an idea how to make hot smoked pork loin. But in fact, you can use this technique completely without smoking, in oven and make perfectly roasted pork loin. This recipe is slightly more complicated that standard roast, but the results will be better than you can find in many deli shops.

This smoked pork loin can be perfect substitution of any ham or other deli meat products.

step-by-step instructions

  1. To make hot smoked pork loin you need to have following ingredients:
    • Skinless pork loin, rolled.
    • Nitrate salt for curing – 1.5% of the pork loin weight
    • Sugar – 0.5% of the pork loin weight
    • Smoked paprika – 0.5% of the loin weight
    • Hot chilli coarse powder – 0.5% of the pork loin weight
    • Nutmeg – 1 nut for half loin (or 2 for full loin)

  2. Mix all spices, salt and sugar together. Please refer to the instructions on the nitrate salt package. Trim pork loin to remove all inaccurate bits.

  3. Cover meat with salt and spice mix and vacuum pack it. If you do not have vacuum packer, it is possible to use few bags, or cling film, but wrap well to avoid any air left around the meat. Refrigerate this meat for at least 7-10 days to make sure that meat is uniformly salted through.

  4. Roasting and smoking process. This is a very important part of cooking. This time, our goal is to make a uniformly cooked meat, without any crust. The oven temperature should be between 80° and 90° C. Will you produce any smoke or not – it is your choice. Roast until the temperature inside the meat will be 60° - 62° C. This is the case when it is necessary to use needle thermometer. Overall cooking time can be as long as 6 hours, before proper temperature will be reached. That is why it is necessary to check it by thermometer to avoid any serious mistakes. Remove meat from the oven (or smoker).

  5. Chill down meat before slicing. It is ideal to keep it overnight in the fridge to redistribute the moisture and aroma in the meat.

tips and tricks

  • Please not, this spice list is only one traditional combination, and you can choose anything you like.
  • You can use normal table salt instead of curing salt, but in this case you will not receive this nice rose colour, loose some unique taste and reduce shelf life of the product.
  • In some commercial recipes phosphates are also used to keep more moisture inside. Maybe in feature, I will give the recipe of smoking with phosphates.
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