How to cook thin-sliced steak with wasabi Gyu Dare

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How to cook thin-sliced steak with wasabi Gyu Dare
Japanese grilling very often works with thinly sliced meat with well-done doneness. In this recipe I will give one example of such style of grilling. It is better to use tender, fatty meat cut, like rib-eye steak. Also, in Japanese cuisine, sauces play major role in serving, so not only the meat grilling will be important here, but also preparation the proper sauce will be crucial.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients:
    • 1 pound of tender, fatty meat, suitable for steaks. I've use marble rib eye steak. Meat should be cut into a thin, about ¼ inch (5 mm) slices.
    • 1 cup Gyu Dare sauce (read below, how to make it)
    • 1 tbsp wasabi
    • Salt
    • Freshly ground black pepper.

  2. Prepare sauce: add 1 tbsp of freshly prepared wasabi into a cup of gyu dare sauce and mix them. Season one side of the meat with salt and pepper. Because the slices are thin, it is not necessary to slice them from both sides.

  3. Preheat grill to a hot temperature. Brush the cooking grate with any oil and cook on the first side for about 1 minute.

  4. Turn the meat and cook one minute on the other side. This will make it cooked to well-done doneness.

  5. Serve this thin-sliced steak with wasabi Gyu Dare sauce on the side and some fresh salads and grilled vegetables.

tips and tricks

  • Usually, such cuts are never cooked to a well-done doneness, but this time you should try to do it!
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