How to pan fry king scallops

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How to pan fry king scallops
This recipe should called "How to cook perfect king scallops.", but we would like to describe everything very accurate. Scallops is one of the most gentle seafood and with very delicate taste, which is very easy to spoil by wrong spices or wrong cooking technique. This king scallop dish can be used in very posh restaurants.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Pan frying of king scallops is very fast process and it is very important to prepare all ingredients in advance.
    • King scallops. Defrost them before cooking.
    • Olive oil. Only one table spoon will be enough.
    • 50 g. butter. I prefer to use unsalted butter.
    • Mill with black pepper (some chefs recommend to use paprika), mill with sea or rock salt.
    • Hot chilli. You also can use 1-2 garlic cloves, and ginger slice.
    • Bunch of fresh green herb, for example thyme, or rosemary.
    • Lemon

  2. From large scallop muscle chop off small hard bit. This hard muscle is a bit more dark-yellow coloured, rather than main part of scallop. This is not crucial step, but if you are thinking about posh cooking, you should do it.

  3. Dry king scallops from each size with paper towel.

  4. Salt a bit from each side.

  5. Small amount of freshly ground black pepper from each size give very beautiful aroma. Also make 1-2 cleaned chilli slices.

  6. On the high heat preheat frying pan with olive oil, until oil start smoking. Place king scallops into the pan and do not move them. Scallops will immediately stick to the pan. Don't worry about this.

  7. After 20 seconds put your herbs and chilli with butter into frying pan.

  8. Fry the scallops for 20 more seconds, butter will be almost melted and scallops will unstuck from frying pan. Turn scallops on other side.

  9. On medium heat, fry other side of scallops for one more minute and moisturize them constantly with melted butter.

  10. Serve king scallops and a squeeze of lemon juice on top.

tips and tricks

  • It is much better to buy ice-glazed deep frozen king scallops, rather than defrosted white milked fishmonger junk.
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