How to fry extra thick rib eye steak

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How to fry extra thick rib eye steak
The most beautiful steaks are usually cooked from the thick cuts. These steaks usually include all ranges of meat doneness, from well-done on the surface, to the rare, or even blue doneness in the middle. In this article, I'll describe how to fry extra thick rib eye steak on the bone. This steaks are usually weighted around 2 kg and they should be served as a meat plater for 3-4 persons.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients:
    • Scotch beef, extra matures dry aged carvery rib join with bone, 1 rib slice, about 2 kg (or 70 oz).
    • Crackled black, or mixed pepper, 2 tbsp
    • Rock salt, crackled to the size of the crackled pepper, 2 tbsp.

  2. The steak should be about 3 inch or 7-8 cm thick. It is necessary to fasten this steak with the butchers hand tying twines, to prevent the steak splitting between muscles during cooking. Also, this steak should be kept at room temperature (17-20 ° C) for 3-4 hours, to warm up to the room temperature.

  3. Sprinkle each side of the steak with crackled salt and pepper. Don't worry to add a lot – plenty of salt and pepper will be lost during cooking and they never affect the central part of the steak.

  4. Preheat oven to 200 ° C.

    Preheat heavy cast iron skillet and a lid to a high temperature. Fry the steak from the side with fat to melt it about 1-2 min. Fry on each side under the lid and turns it often. It is necessary to fry it at least once on each side. On the main surfaces steaks should be cooked repeatedly with following time for : 2 min + 2min + 1 min + 1 min + 1 min + 1 min + 1 min + 1 min. This is very important to turn it often, to reduce the burning on the surface and cook steak more evenly through the entire steak.

  5. Place steak into the 200 ° C oven and cook for about 15 min for blue centre; 20 min for rare, etc., depends on the desired doneness. If not sure, use the meat thermometer.

  6. Remove meat from the oven, cover with the foil and keep it 5 minutes for relaxation after cooking, to redistribute the temperature through the steak.

  7. Slice meat slightly across the grains for the meat platter and serve.

  8. This steak is cooked medium to rare, about 17 minutes in the oven.

  9. This steak is cooked blue, about 14 minutes in the oven.

tips and tricks

  • If using meat thermometer, cook to one step below required doneness – meat will be cooked a bit more during relaxation time.
  • Do not use thin frying pan for cooking.
  • Fry extra thick rib eye steak to blue, rare or medium rare doneness, otherwise it will be better to use roast-beef technique.
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