How to make sizzling beef with Choi Sum

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How to make sizzling beef with Choi Sum
Very attractive way of cooking food, is to cook it on the hot plate, after serving. This process called sizzling. All ingredients, either raw, either partially cooked are served on a hot cast iron plate, and they turns cooked during serving. In this recipe, I will explain, how to make sizzling beef with Choi Sum. In this recipe, all ingredients except Choi Sum can be cooked in a seconds, but Chinese Flowering Cabbage, Choi Sum is a bit tough and requires some additional blanching. All cooking takes about 2-3 minutes, and everything should be well planned in advance. One sizzling plate is a one portions, so here we will make only one portion of sizzling beef with Choi Sum.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for one portion:
    • One cast iron sizzling plate for cooking and serving.
    • Thin slice of beef. The size of the beef slice should be approximately equal to the size of sizzling plate.
    • Choi Sum. 2-3 bunches of the fresh Chinese Flowering Cabbage.
    • Green salad onion, 4-5 sprouts.
    • Medium-hot chilli, ⅓ fruit. You should understand, that the final taste and sharpness will depends on this chilli.
    • Ginger, about 5 cm root.
    • Salt and black pepper to taste, will be explained latter, how much to use.
    • Vegetable oil, 3 tbsp. Any simple
    • Toasted sesame oil, 1 tbsp. Plenty of taste from this oil is very important for this meal.
    • Sesame seeds, just a pinch to make this plate more colourful.
    • Warm sweet and salty, soy based sauce. 3-4 tbsp.

  2. Cut meat into a bite slice pieces and sprinkle them with salt and milled black pepper. Chop ginger, chilli and onion into a fine slivers. Chop off large leafstalks from the Choi sum leafs.

  3. Bring to boil 1 litre of water with 3 tsp. of salt. Blanch Choi sum leafs about 1 minute and dry them in a colander.

  4. Preheat, on an open fire stove, sizzling plate to a very high temperature, about 250-280 ° C. Place sizzling plate on a wooden tray and place all meat slices in one layer.

  5. Place drained Choi sum on top of the meat.

  6. Cover plate with ginger, chilli and onion slivers.

  7. Preheat 3 tbsp of vegetable oil and 1 tbsp of toasted sesame oil together in a pan until smoke, and sprinkle evenly all oil on top of the vegetables.

  8. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and pour warm sweet and salty sauce in the top of the vegetables. The sizzling plate is fully combined now and will be cooked completely in 2-3 minutes, this is a time to serve this plate from cooking desk to dinner table. Enjoy!!!

tips and tricks

  • All cooking steps should be performed fast, and everything should be prepared, aligned and organised in advance.
  • Sizzling plate is hot and reasonable precautions should be taken during serving and eating.
  • There is no exact amount of compounds is given in this recipe, because very wide variations are perfectly acceptable for this sizzling beef with Choi Sum cabbage.
  • The biggest difficulty of making this dish, is to prepare everything simultaneously.
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