How to make pork trotters aspic with beef

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How to make pork trotters aspic with beef
Pork aspic is a beautiful cold meat food, which can be used as a part of a large meal, or as a separate dish. Aspic itself is a congealed gelatin from the tendons and joints, which can be filled with any trimmed meat, poultry, cooked vegetables or boiled eggs. Pork trotters aspic is very popular in East-European countries. Cooking of aspic is very simple, but very long process, it is necessary to have 5-6 hours for cooking. In this article I will explain, how to make pork trotters aspic with beef in its simplest, basic version, without any fancy improvements.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for 2.5-3.0 litres of pork aspic:
    • Pork trotters, 4 trotters.
    • Shin beef, ½ kg.
    • Carrot, 1 medium root.
    • Onion, 1 medium bulb.
    • Garlic, one bulb.
    • Black pepper, or long pepper, ½ tsp or 2-3 sticks.
    • Bay leaf, 2-3 leafs.
    • Salt to taste.

  2. Clean trotters. Place them into a casserole into a cold water and bring to boil.

  3. When trotters start to boil, remove all foam and take of the heat.

  4. Clean trotters one again and reject all broth. Fill the casserole again with fresh cold water and bring to boil again. In total the volume of trotters and water should be about 3.5 litres.

  5. When water start boiling, remove all foam, if any and add chopped vegetables, onion, pepper and salt. Bring to boil and simmer under lid about three hours. Check salt during cooking. Check the water level during cooking, be sure that the water is not evaporates, and add some boiling water if necessary.

  6. Add large pieces of beef. Add bay leafs. Simmer under lid for about 2 hours, or until beef turns soft. Remove all fat from the surface. Take of the heat.

  7. Peel off all meat and tendons from the pork trotters. Chop or trim pork and beef meat into a small pieces.

  8. Filter pork broth trough the fine filter fabric.

  9. Prepare shallow containers for aspic. Press some garlic on the bottom of each containers.

  10. Distribute trimmed pork and beef meat through all containers.

  11. Add broth to each container. Chill down containers with broth to the room temperature and store them in the fridge. Aspic will be ready overnight.

  12. Next day serve this aspic cold, with horseradish, mustard, rye bread and other simple food, like mushy peas.

tips and tricks

  • Serve with mustard or horseradish sauce.
  • Rye bread is the best companion for the pork trotters aspic.
  • Pork aspic is one of the best food during hangover period, and can be recommended as the first meal next day after big booze.
  • Aspic should not have any floating fat, so do your best to remove floating fat from the broth surface.
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