How to make hot and sweet chicken wings

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How to make hot and sweet chicken wings
It is impossible to say, what is the proper way to make hot and sweet chicken wings, because it is possible to cook these wings by many different ways with the same success. In this recipe I will describe reasonably simply way of cooking these hot and sweet chicken wings, which is very easy to repeat at home. Again, the very difficult question, how many portions can be made out of 1.5 kg of chicken wings, and the simplest answer is, ask everybody before cooking, how many wings they want to have. This recipe of hot and sweet chicken wings is made very simple in ingredients on purpose, to show, how easy it is possible to do.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for 4-5 portions:
    • Chicken wings, 1.5 kg.
    Ingredients for marinating:
    • Garlic, two bulbs, crushed.
    • Ginger, 4-5 cm root, piled and finely processed or chopped.
    • Juice of one lime, or lemon.
    • Crushed Chilli flakes, between ½ and 1 tsp.
    • Salt, 1½ tsp.
    • Grounded coriander, 2 tsp.
    • Olive oil, 3 tbsp for marinating.
    Also for further cooking, it is necessary to have:
    • Soy sauce, 3 tbsp
    • Honey, 2 tbsp
    • Olive oil, 1 tbsp

  2. Prepare chicken wings. Cut wings through the joints.

  3. Make few slices on the skin on each side of the wings. These slices will help to marinate quickly.

  4. Mix carefully chicken wings with all ingredients for marinating, try to rub in marinade into the chicken skin. Marinate 2-3 hours at the room temperature, or overnight in the fridge.

  5. Just before cooking, prepare extra sauce. Mix honey with soy sauce, and stir until the honey dissolve completely in soy sauce.

  6. Frying can be splitted into four steps.
    1. Add one tbsp of oil on non-stick frying pan and fill it with one layer of chicken wings.
    2. Cook at low-medium heat about 30 minutes, under the lid, turning them occasionally. During this time the juice form the wings should partially evaporate, and the meat should turns into a very tender substance.
    3. Add a mixture of honey with soy sauce and increase heat to the high level.
    4. Stir constantly, until lovely dark-golden crust will developed on the chicken wings surface.

  7. Serve with simple side dish, like rice, or mash and salads.

tips and tricks

  • This chicken wings should be pleasantly hot, so choose the amount of crushed chilli to your own taste, but the amount between ½ and 1 tsp, is a good approach for mild-hot taste.
  • There are two main way to cut chicken wings. One is described in this article, and another one is to tangle wings into triangles (will be described somewhere else).
  • Use thick solid knife for cutting.
  • The easiest way to mix chicken wings with marinade, is by hands in plastic gloves.
  • At the last step of frying with honey, it is necessary to be very careful, because the honey will caramelize and stick to everything very quickly and subsequently it can burns.
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