How to quickly salt mackerel slices

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How to quickly salt mackerel slices
Mackerel is a fish, which can be salted very quickly and the taste can be compatible with salted and smoked salmon. The most important feature of this recipe, is that quickly salted mackerel slices can be prepared in only 30 minutes, or 35 minutes with fish cleaning, which is very important for preparation for unexpected party at home. Also this recipe of quickly salt mackerel slices will be very interesting for fishermen, who just catch few fresh mackerels.

step-by-step instructions

  1. For this recipe, it is necessary to have fresh mackerel, salt and peppercorns. Very convenient to have salt and peppers in the mills.

  2. Clean mackerel without washing. If it is necessary, wipe out all dirt with paper towel. Pay extra attention for removing all bones from the flesh.

  3. Slice each half of the fish into 3-5 mm thick slices, across the grains and with very good angle to the skin. Do not cut through the skin.

  4. Place slices on the plate and slightly salt them and pepper them from the mills. Turn mackerel slices on other side and salt them again. This is a very difficult question, how much salt and pepper it is necessary to use. The most correct answer – salt them and pepper them to taste, but on average, it is enough to make one or two move on the salt mill for each side of each slice of the fish. If you've got not enough space on the plate for the fish, cover fish layer with grease paper or cling film and continue.

  5. Cover the final layer of fish with cling film and keep this plate in the fridge for 30 minutes for salting. After 30 minutes, try them and serve them.

tips and tricks

  • It is much easier to prepare partially defrosted mackerel.
  • When these mackerel slices will be ready, try them, and if you feel they are not salted enough, salt them a bit more, and kepp for 15 more minutes.
  • Very beautiful food, perfectly matchable with white wine, blonde, or golden ale and with vodka.
  • Mackerel should be very fresh. It is much better to buy frozen fish, because, this give you much fresher fish.
  • Although every care has been taken to remove bones, some may remain.
  • Do not store these quickly salted mackerel slices for a long tie, consume them in one day!
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