How to make Nam Phrik Phao

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How to make Nam Phrik Phao
Nam Phrik Phao (also spelled as Nam Prik Pao) is an Thailand roasted chilli sauce, which used in many different dishes as an ingredient or as an independent spice. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find this paste for sale, therefore it is necessary sometimes to cook this sauce. In this recipe, I will tell, how to make Nam Phrik Phao or Nam Prik Pao. This is not very difficult.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients to make approximately 3 tbsp of Nam Phrik Phao paste.
    • Hot chilli, preferably dried one, 5-8 chilli, like birds eye chilli.
    • Garlic, 4 cloves.
    • Shallot onion, 3-4 small onions.
    • Dried prawns, 1 tbsp.
    • Prawn paste, 1 tsp.
    • Tamarind powder, 1 tbsp
    • Palm sugar, 1 tbsp.
    • Fish sauce, 3 tbsp.
    • Vegetable oil, less than 50 ml.

  2. Now we need to fry separately all ingredients, process them together, and fry this mixture again. Fry chilli until brown and store in mortar.

  3. Slice garlic and fry it until brown. Store it in mortar.

  4. Slice shallot onion and fry it until it turns brown. Store it in mortar.

  5. Fry dried prawns and prawn paste together. Store it in mortar.

  6. Crush and mix with pestle all ingredients in the mortar. Add fish sauce, sugar and tamarind to mortar. If the mixture looks dry, add few drops of vegetable oil to mortar.

  7. When the mixture in mortar looks homogenized, put it to frying pan, and fry at low heat until it will brown.

  8. Nam Phrik Phao paste is ready.

tips and tricks

  • Fish sauce is absolutely crucial for this recipe, and it is impossible to substitute is by any thing else.
  • Dried prawns are available from oriental store, but if it is impossible to find them, just dry in the oven any cheap small peeled shrimps.
  • Prawns paste should be available from oriental store, but if it is impossible to find it, soak boiled peeled shrimps in fish sauce add just a drop vegetable oil and season with grounded chilli and process them.
  • You can use tamarind puree instead of tamarind powder, or even juice of half lemon instead of tamarind powder.
  • It is possible to substitute palm sugar with any other sugars.
  • Do all frying, at low heat to avoid burning.
  • Nam Phrik Phao can be stored it in the fridge for a long time.
  • In many sources, this jam spelled as Nam Prik Pao, and I can't tell which is more correct.
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