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How to make carrot pilaf with chicken

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How to make carrot pilaf with chicken
This is a very old recipe from Uzbekistan cuisine. Usually, Uzbekistan pilafs are cooked with lamb, and a lamb fat, but this pilaf is cooked with chicken and increased amount of carrots, which makes this pilaf a dietetic dish. Unfortunately, not many peoples nowadays are remember this pilaf, but I strongly advise to try it at least once.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients. Usually, pilaf cooked as a large dish for many peoples, and the exact amount of the final product is adjusted by the size of the meat and amount of rice. These ingredients will be perfect for 6 persons dish.
    • Medium hard boiling chicken. It is very important to use hard boiling chicken or guinea-fowl.
    • Long cooking rice. 500 gm. The rice must have a cooking time about 20 minutes. Tilda basmati with wild rice – very good choice.
    • 3-4 small onions, or approximately half kilo of onion.
    • Carrot – 500 gm carrots for pilaf itself
    • Carrot – 1.5 kg carrots for making juice.
    • Garlic – 1 bulb
    • Oil – high quality vegetable oil, about 75 ml.
    • Spices:
      • Cumin, 1½ tsp
      • Barberries – 2 tsp. You can use any other sour spice, but some sourness is very important for this dish to balance the sweetens from the carrots.
      • Salt, to taste, approximately 1-2 tsp. Probably I'm not a very good adviser in salt, because I do prefer low salted food.

  2. Cut chicken into a pieces, according to the bones. Try to make all cuts through the joints, and not break any bones. Slightly salt the chicken and leave it for two hours in the fridge.

  3. Soak rice in the hot (about 60 °C) salted water, about two hours before cooking. Water will be chilled to the room temperature over a time.

  4. Press the juice from the carrot prepared for the juice. This is very convenient to do with electrical juicer.

  5. Partially pile the garlic, slice onion, cut the pilaf carrots into a long thin stripes. It is possible to use special slicers for this, but cutting with the sharp knife is also easy enough.

  6. For cooking, use heavy casserole, or kazan. Preheat the vegetable oil. Fry the onion, until it turns soft. Do not fry it to the brown colour.

  7. Add chicken and fry it until the skin will start to change colour. Turns occasionally. In total it will takes about 10-15 minutes.

  8. Add slices carrot and fry for another 5 minutes.

  9. Add carrot juice, to cover everything in the casserole. Do not use all the carrot juice, at the end, you will need some more carrot juice. Slowly cook for one or one and half hour, which depends on the chicken hardness. Perfect chicken should be cooked at lest 1½ hours!

  10. Add cumin, barberries and salt.

  11. Place the garlic bulb in the middle of the casserole and cover with rice. Do not mix the rice with the carrots and chicken.

  12. Add the carrot juice to make a level about 1 cm on top of the rice level. It is very easy to ruin everything with adding of too much carrot juice. Boil on medium heat until all the liquid will evaporates or soaked into the rice.

  13. When all the liquid disappeared, make a pile from the rice. In the pile make few holes to the bottom of the casserole – it is very easy to make these holes with the spoon handle. Cover casserole with the lid and seal all the gaps with wet cloth. Reduce heat to the lowest possible minimum, and leave this casserole for 20 minutes.

  14. Remove the garlic and the chicken from the casserole. Gently mix the rice with the carrots. Place the rice on the dish, and put chicken and garlic on the top.

tips and tricks

  • Use only hard boiling chicken, or guinea-fowl, otherwise the chicken will loose its texture during cooking.
  • Never use fast cooking rice!!!
  • Do not use olive oil, because the strong aroma from the oil will ruin the pilaf aroma.
  • Traditionally, such pilafs are served in one large plate.
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