How to make a simple rump steak

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How to make a simple rump steak
Rump steak is one of the cheapest proper steak cut, available everywhere. Less tender and less flavour in compare with sirloin steak, but much cheaper, and it can be used for general good and cheap meal. Sometimes it is good idea to tenderize this beef cut with the meat hammer, but this is another story. This recipe will give a simple way to make a traditional rump steak. Te average portion should have at least 300 gr of meat.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients.
    • Extra matured dry aged rump steak. For skillet frying, it is preferably to have a thickness about 3/4-1 inch, but for proper grilling in the grill oven, the thickness can be about 1.5 inches.
    • Black pepper corns, or mixture of peppercorns.
    • Large salt
    • Olive oil
    • Small bunch of fresh thyme or rosemary

  2. Drizzle each side of the steak with olive oil, milled salt and freshly grinded pepper. Keep about 5 minutes at room temperature for marinating.

  3. For the best results it is necessary to use wood charcoal grill oven, but the casting iron skillet will do the job as well. Preheat iron skillet with heavy lid to about 280 ° C. Usually it is possible to check the temperature by the drop of vegetable oil, it should start smoke.

    Place thyme on to the skilled and cover it with the rump steak. Always cover with lid (not on the picture) during frying. For 3/4 inch thick steak, it is optimal to fry about 1.5-2 min on each side twicely, to have a medium-rare to medium doneness.

  4. Leave fried steak to rest for 3-5 minutes and then serve.

tips and tricks

  • Serve with mash potatoes or steamed vegetables
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