greek cuisine

It is essentially a form of Mediterranean cuisine bearing a lot of similarities with similar types of cuisine found in other cultures outlying the Mediterranean Sea, such as Turkey and Italy. It contains a unique combination of vegetables, herbs, bread, rice, cheese and yoghurt etc. It includes various forms of meat ranging from poultry and fish to rabbits. Greek olive oil is claimed to be the world’s finest, a quintessential ingredient in every Greek dish.

Greek Cuisine History.Like other varieties of cuisine, Greek cuisine also has a history of blending art with flavor. In other words, it gives an amazing sensation of taste along with visual beauty of the dish's presentation. Although Greek cuisine has alleged to pass on its influence and tradition to the Western cookery, it is itself heavily influenced by cuisine of other cultures. Archestratus, an ancient Greek poet of Sicily, wrote the first cookbook in history in 320 B.C. The culinary custom of Greece dates back to 4000 BC. Wine formed a necessary part of every dish, and it was unusual to find a dish without it.

Greek Cuisine Popularity.Greek cuisine has been popular around the world, largely due to its uniqueness. Its popularity is also proven by the magnitude of its publicity by the media, especially television shows like MasterChef. Greek dishes are claimed to be very healthy, as they reduce the chances of getting cancer and/or heart diseases. A Greek diet consists mostly of vegetables, fish and olive oil, which are known to reduce blood pressure and oxidative stress. It also has a lot of fiber and is rich in beneficial nutrients. Apart from the health benefits, the simplicity and freshness of the diet, along with its aesthetics, appeal many who wish to change to a healthier lifestyle. The popularity of Greek cuisine amongst the Westerners may be a testimony to the fact that the latter have finally become dissatisfied with their fast-food culture and are now looking to for better and healthier dietary options, exploring other cultures in the process.

Greek Cuisine Famous Dishes. Greek cuisine consists of a wide variety of food items, ranging from appetizers and soups to full-course meals, desserts and sweets. Some of the famous dishes, made of meat and fish, include: Moussaka; a meat and eggplant casserole baked in an oven, Gyros; roasted meat served mostly with tzatziki sauce and tomatoes and onions on pita bread, and lamb baked in an oven; a common Sunday dish in Greece. The Greek desserts are a delight, with Bakalva being the most famous one. It is a form of pastry filled with nuts and soaked in honey.

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