Pizza is a flat baked pie that is normally round in shape. It is a thin layer of bread with several toppings like tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms etc.

In Turkey, it is known as pide. In countries like Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia, it is called pita. Albanians calls it pite while in Modern Hebrew, it is called pittah. In Rome, a form of pizza is known as placenta.

Pizza History

Pizza is of Greek origin. In ancient times, Greeks coated their bread with toppings consisting of oil, herbs and cheese. In Byzantine Greek, pizza was known as pita which meant pie.

The base of pizza is known as its crust. There are various types of pizza crusts which include thin hand tossed crust, Roman, Chicago style and thick pan pizza crust.

In restaurants, pizza is usually baked in any of the four types of ovens. The first type is an oven that has stone bricks over the heat supply. Second is an electric oven. Third is a conveyor belt oven. Lastly, a wood or coal fired brick oven is used. In homes it is generally baked in two styles; in the regular oven or grilled. Other than these, there is a Chicago style pizza, a different kind of a pizza that is baked directly on a pan.

Pizzas around the world

Pizza takes a regional shape around the world. The difference usually depends on the type of toppings that are used. With pizza, every country tends to put their creativity up in front.

In Japan there are two types of pizza; the regular American-style pizza and the Japanese style okonomiyaki pizza. The topping for these types of pizza consists of typical as well as some unconventional ingredients. Usually they top their pizzas with sweet corn, mayonnaise, eggs, tuna, octopus, seaweed, potatoes and cod roe. International chains of eating outlets in Japan, famous for their pizza, include Shakeys, Pizza Hut and Dominos. Other than these, there are many local chains too.

In India, pizza is made with a desi touch with toppings like tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, mined mutton, pickled ginger and paneer (cottage cheese). India also has a large market for vegetarian varieties of pizza. Famous international chains in India are Pizza Hut, Dominos and Pizza Corner.

In Brazil, the pizza consists of a thin crust with a thin layer of tomato sauce with toppings like carrots, quail, raisins, catupiry cheese, chocolate and linguica sausage etc.

Australians love pizza. Their toppings consist of pineapple, shrimps, pepperoni, ham and barbeque chicken etc.

Pizza around the world might differ in taste, but the essence remains the same and this is what makes it one of the most popular dishes in the world.
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