Turkey is extremely popular on celebratory occasions. Turkey is the essence of thanksgiving dinner. Mentioned below are steps that would teach you how to make a perfect meal out of a Turkey.

Buying Turkey

When shopping for a turkey for your meal, it is advisable to have it last on your shopping list as raw turkey needs constant refrigeration. It is also advisable to check the expiration date on the Turkey before buying it. The farther it is from that date, the better it is.

Freezing Turkey

The Turkey is to be kept in the freezer in a separate container which would keep the juices contained. Also, the turkey has to be kept separate from the other things in your freezer, so as not to create a mess. Bottom shelf of the freezer is a good option. The turkey has to be used in the meal in no less than three days of purchase. Freeze it, if you intend to store it for a longer period of time. A turkey that is frozen and well-wrapped can be stored for a year or so.

De-freezing Turkey

Shifting the turkey from freezer to fridge or using cold water can help it thaw. Letting it thaw at room temperature is not advisable as this technique comes with a risk of bacterial contamination.
  • Thawing using refrigerator: Keep the turkey downside up in order to store its raw juices that would otherwise escape. One day should be allowed for thawing.
  • Thawing using cold water: In a clean sink, put the turkey (well-wrapped in a leak proof bag) under running cold water till it thaws. You can also soak the well-wrapped turkey in a leak proof bag in cold water till it thaws. At least, an hour should be provided for thawing.

Cooking and Stuffing the Turkey

To have the perfect taste of turkey, it is advisable to cook it till the internal temperature reaches 85 degree centigrade. You can check the temperature by inserting a digital food thermometer in the thick turkey breast making sure it does not touch the turkey bones. Wash the thermometer and other cooking utensils to be safe from bacteria.

The stuffing should be cooked separately till it reaches the temperature of 74 degree centigrade. You can use the food thermometer here as well to make sure that the temperature is just right. Turkey has to be stuffed before being roasted. The stuffing has to be removed after the turkey is cooked.

Serving Turkey

The serving of the turkey should be immediate. The food can be kept warm with the use of warming dishes. Serving it hot would reduce chances of bacterial contamination. Wrap the food in foil if hot or in cooler (after it’s cool down) if you are taking it to a friend’s place. Turkey’s meat is not only a tradition for thanksgiving but it is also an extremely healthy option, as it is loaded with proteins.
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