• How to make Sesame Pak ChoiHow to make Sesame Pak Choi
    Pak Choi is a traditional Chinese cabbage, which can be used as an independent side dish, or as a component of a complicated dishes. In this article ...

  • How to roast Uyghur-style lamb testiclesHow to roast Uyghur-style lamb testicles
    A mixture of traditional Chinese sauces with lamb are the most popular Uyghur style dishes. Lambs testicles are common for many world cusines, but ...

  • How to roast lamb kidney Uyghur-styleHow to roast lamb kidney Uyghur-style
    Uyghur cuisine links both Asian and Chinese style food and some Uyghur recipes are real gems that are suitable for all tastes. This is one of the ...

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