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How to make hundred soups at once

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How to make hundred soups at once
One of the problem in large family – everybody want to eat something different. It is almost impossible to cook soup, which will satisfy everybody. The best solution is to make a soup kit, and then prepare any combinations of our choice. The number of combinations is virtually unlimited.

The preparation of this soup can be splitted into two major parts: stock preparation and soup kit preparation.

step-by-step instructions

  1. First part, beef stock preparation. Ingredients:
    • Lean meat, preferably beef cheeks. 700-800 gr.
    • 2 carrots
    • 1 parsnip
    • 1 medium onion, not peeled.
    • Garlic, few cloves
    • Small piece of ginger
    • 1 leek
    • Bay leaves, 5 leaves
    • Black peppercorns, 10 seeds
    • Salt to taste
    • Water, 3 litres

  2. Prepare all ingredients for the stock. Lard meat pieces with garlic and carrot. Peel carrots and parsnip, split them into halves. Peel ginger. Clean green part of leek. Do not peel the onion, the brown onion skin will give nice brown colour to the stock.

  3. In large stock pot bring to boil 3 litres of pure water. When the water start boiling, put meat into the stock pot. Bring to boil again.

  4. Reduce heat to minimum to simmer the stock. Scoop away the foam and scum from the boiling surface.

  5. When the surface will cleaned completely, add all the vegetables. After one hour of simmering, add the bay leaves, peppercorns and salt. Check salt few times to make slightly salted stock, do not salt well, but make it slightly under-salted. After two hours, when the meat will be tender, remove from the heat.

  6. Second part, soup kit preparation. Ingredients for the soup kit can be varied, and here we will give a simplest, basic idea. The amount of each compound is approximate and can vary.
    • Chicken breast.
    • Large raw shrimps.
    • Mushrooms.
    • Tomatoes, I do like cherry tomatoes, not very ripe, a bit sour.
    • Small sweet peppers, you can use standard large one, but small peppers looks better.
    • Vermicelli
    • Green onion or scallion
    • Fresh coriander
    • Fresh dill
    • Hot chilli. Choose the required spiciness to your taste.
    • Soy sauce.
    • Teriyaki sauce.
    • Roasted sesame oil.
    • Lemon for the juice.
    • Sugar.

  7. Finely chop dill, coriander, scallion and hot chilli. Serve them separately.

  8. Cook vermicelli in salted boiled water. When ready, remove vermecelli from the water and keep in small cup or piyala. It is a good idea to add some butter, or clarified butter to vermicelli and cover them with cling film.

  9. Prepare basic marinades
    1. Soy marinade: 5 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp freshly squished lemon juice, 1 tsp sugar, pinch of freshly milled black pepper, few slices of hot chilli.
    2. Teriyaki marinade: 3 tbsp teriyaki sauce, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp freshly squished lemon juice, pinch of sliced hot chilli.

  10. Peel shrimps, split shrimps into halves, devein them if necessary. Marinade with teriyaki marinade.

  11. Cut chicken breast into thin slices. Marinade them with soy marinade.

  12. Finely slice sweet pepper, leek and garlic.

  13. Marinade slices sweet pepper, leek and garlic in soy marinade. One tbsp of marinade will be completely enough.

  14. Thickly chop mushrooms and marinade them in soy marinade.

  15. Remove skin from tomatoes, cut them into few pieces and mix with sugar. Sweet and sour mixture is the main idea of this dish.

  16. When you prepare all ingredients for soup kit, the stock should be ready. Remove meat from the stock. Through away all vegetables and filter the stock if necessary.

  17. Finely slice beef across the grains.

  18. Quickly fry marinaded shrimps with tiny amount of vegetable oil.

  19. Quickly fry marinated chicken. Do not do it for longer than 3 minutes.

  20. Sear mushrooms about 2 minutes.

  21. Sear slices beef cheeks. If you wish, you can leave some without searing. Both fried and non-fried meats will perfectly suit our needs.

  22. Slightly sear marinated mixture of sweet pepper, leek and garlic.

  23. Sear freshly chopped leek. It is very good to have a bit of non-marinaded seared leek.

  24. At the last step, fry tomatoes. Usually, if the pan in not perfectly non-stick, then at this step you also de-glaze frying pan with tomato juice. Do not fry for too long.

  25. Third and last step, most important – making your own soup!

    Place all cups with roasted ingredients and chopped herbs. Prepare boiling hot stock.

    Put chosen ingredients into small cup or piyala, add some herbs, and fill with stock. By changing ingredients and amount of them you can prepare almost unlimited number of different soups. See below for some mixing ideas.

  26. Sweet pepper, leek and garlic with tomatoes and vermicelli. This is a nice vegetarian version of soup.

  27. Prawns with tomatoes, sweet and sour seafood soup.

  28. Chicken, vermicelli and mushrooms, almost traditional chicken soup.

tips and tricks

  • Freeze extra stock for further usage.
  • Use very hot, almost boiling hot stock for mixing.
  • After each frying do not wash the pan, but remove any burned bits.
  • Keep beef stock boiling hot with underneath heater, or prepare all soups immediately at once.
  • Don't shy to make any mixtures of ingredients!
  • Drop of soy sauce into the soup will make new lovely taste and beautiful dark colour!
  • When frying all ingredients, do not fry them well, just sear them.
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