How to make rib eye steak in its own fat

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How to make rib eye steak in its own fat
Sometimes it is very interesting to enjoy real taste of the beef steaks, which is not shaded by the taste and aroma of oil, usually olive oil, used in frying process. This recipe will give you an idea, how to avoid any oil in steak frying, and use only naturally occurred beef fat.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients are very simple.
    • Thick rib eye steak
    • Milled salt
    • Milled pepper

  2. Cover steak with milled salt and pepper. It is important to have reasonably large salt bits. You can see, that we do not use any oil at all.

  3. Preheat casting iron skillet. Place steak fat down into the skilled and wait, until some fat melts.

  4. Fry rib eye steak on one side for about 2 min.

  5. Turn steak and fry again about 2 minutes. Also you can add some sprouts of thyme or rosemary. Turn steak again and repeat previous and this step again. Adjust the total time to achieve required doneness. Leave on the plate for few minutes.

  6. This is a reasonably big rib eye steak, ans it can be sliced to serve few peoples. This is a very lovely blue rare to rare doneness of rib eye steak, prepared on its own fat.

tips and tricks

  • Be prepare to have plenty of white smoke from the beef fat.
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