How to make clarified butter, or pure butterfat

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How to make clarified butter, or pure butterfat
Clarified butter is an almost pure butterfat or fat from the milk. Traditional butter contains at least 80% of milk fat, 1-2% of carbohydrates and proteins and some water. Separation of milk fat from the other compounds can be performed by two different ways. More traditional technique is used to make Ghee, where all non-fat compounds are evaporated or destroyed by temperature in the fat. In this recipe we will produce pure butterfat, which is very similar to clarified butter, with real separation of fat and water with protein. Clarified butter is very convenient for cooking, also it can be used to preserve food.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients are extremely simple. Butter, value unsalted butter.

    Also you should have some special equipment. Thermometer. Two stockpots with different diameter.

  2. From two stockpots make a water-bath. Will biggest stockpot with water. Insert smallest stockpot inside and fill it with butter. Start to heat this construction on low heat.

  3. Check the temperature of the water between stockpots and the temperature of the melted butter. Ideally, the temperature of melted butter should be in the range 80-85 °C. Usually the temperature of water between stockpots is about 3-5°C higher. Keep this temperature for 2.5 hours. After this time, the butter will be completely separated to fat and milk-like substance.

  4. Carefully remove fat from the top and store it in the bowl. Leave the small amount of fat in the stockpots and chill it down. Later on, you can remove solid layer of the milk fat and wash away milk bits. The rest liquid will be similar to “baked milk”, or buttermilk. You can used it for dough preparation, or just drink it, taste is amazing!

  5. All collected butterfat store in a bowl, or other appropriate containers. If you will store this clarified butter in the fridge, then it will be fine, but if you would like to store it at room temperature, you should sterilize it. It is very simple. Worm up the butter up to 125 °C and after this you can keep it at room temperature.

tips and tricks

  • Butter clarification is a long process, and there are no point prepare only 200 grams, do make about 2-3 kg at once.
  • By changing the relative size of two stockpots, you can achieve different temperatures inside with the same heating power.
  • Avoid temperature rising of the separated butter higher that 90 °C .
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