How to grill pork ribs

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How to grill pork ribs
One of the most well known dish in Sheffield restaurants is a barbecued pork ribs. This recipe will show how you can easily do at home the same high class dish. To cook this dish, it is crucial to use two different cooking techniques, boiling and grilling, but in general, this is a very simple recipe.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for cooking, but the general advice is, for cooking barbecued pork ribs, you should have very good pork ribs!!!
    • Pork ribs. One rack per adult.
    • Salt. Just to taste.
    • BBQ sauces. Use 1:1 mixture of hot and sweet BBQ sauces for better results.
    • Small branch of cypress. Not shown on the picture (silly me), but very important for proper smoking.

  2. Put salted pork ribs in a big bowl or pan with a good lid. Add about 250ml of water per one rib-rack. Please do not worry if ribs will not be covered completely by water. Close very well with lid and simmer for about an hour.

  3. Take pork ribs from boiling and cover with 1:1 mixture of BBQ sauces. Now you can keep them in container in the fridge for few days, but also, you can continue with this recipe immediately.

  4. For convenience of manipulation, you can cut each rack into halves. Place all ribs to the barbecue tray and add few cypress branches and place to the standard oven grill.

  5. Please note, that we have very nice set of pork stock, which we can freeze for future use.

  6. Grill each site of pork ribs for few minuted. Do not overcook.

  7. Serve with high quality fresh ketchup.

tips and tricks

  • Pork stock can be quite diluted. You can boil it for 1-2 hours to evaporate extra liquid.
  • Boiled and marinated in BBQ sauce ribs can be stored few days before final grilling.
  • Boiled meat can be burn in minutes, so be very careful by grilling ribs after boiling.
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