How to make simple fish-base pizza

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How to make simple fish-base pizza
Any classical pizzas are made with bread base. Different types of pizzas are differ mainly in the topping and only a little bit in the bread base. This recipe will give you principally different idea in pizza preparation. We will use Sea bass fillet as a pizza base, but everything else will be the same.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Usual step – we should prepare all ingredients for this pizza-fish. Because of the nature of any pizzas, you can be very flexible in the selection of ingredients and in the amount of them. The best advise – follow your taste and and personal preferences. The described recipe will be perfect for thee persons.
    • Sea bass. You can use fillet or you can fillet it by yourself. Usually, it is much better to buy whole fish and fillet it by yourself, in order to use bones for further cooking. Four small fishes
    • Cherry tomatoes. Choose more sweet and tasty dark-red fruits. 10-15 fruits
    • Sweet onion, purple onion will be perfect. 2 medium size onions.
    • Sweet paprika. 1 fruit.
    • Hot chilli. 1 fruit.
    • Coriander – one bunch.
    • Fresh thyme – one or two young sprouts
    • Tarragon – few fresh leaves
    • Olives, just a few to make pizza more pretty
    • Graded soft cheese like mozzarella or soft cheddar
    • Strong, mature grated cheese
    • Very strongly tasted cheese, like parmesan or a blue cheese.
    • Garlic – few cloves
    • Salt, black pepper to the taste.
    • Olive oil – 1-2 tbsp.

  2. Remove all scales from the fish skin. Fillet all fishes. Carefully remove all bones from the fish fillet. This step is very important, because the only one bone can ruin everything.

  3. Bones, and heads without gills use to make a simple fish-stock. Just put them into a small amount of cold water and bring to boil.

  4. Now it is a good time to compose the pizza. Use deep ceramic plate. On the bottom add 1-2 tbsp of olive oil and cover all the dish with sliced onion, and leaves of coriander, tarragon and thyme.

  5. Place fish fillet skin down to evenly cover all the plate. These fishes basically will substitute a traditional pizza dough. Don't forget to add a bit of salt and pepper on it.

  6. Cover fish with graded mild soft cheese. This is a fist layer of our pizza.

  7. Now it is a good time to place halved olives, finely sliced onion, skinned halved tomatoes, sliced paprika and some tarragon and coriander leaves.

  8. Cover everything with mature cheese with some addition of extra tasty one. Add some stripes of hot chilli, or sliced jalapenos. For extra decoration, put few cherry tomatoes on vine on the top of this pizza.

    Not it is time to cook it. For the best results, place the place with pizza on the bottom of the oven, and after approximately 20-30min, when all cheese start to boil, move this plate to the very top of the oven and use grill for 2-3 min to make it more colourful.

  9. While fish-pizza is preparing, it is a good time to prepare everything for our fish stock. Chop finely coriander leaves and garlic.

  10. Filter fish stock from the bones and any fish pieces.

  11. Add chopped coriander and garlic into the stock and leave it for 5-10 min.

  12. When the fish-pizza will be well roasted on the top, take it from the grill and leave for a few minuted to chill it down.

  13. Slice this pizza, and serve.

  14. A very nice addition to this pizza is a cup with worm fish-stock.

tips and tricks

  • Use flat fish fillet as a cheap and simple substitution of sea bass fillet.
  • Use tomato paste instead of piled tomatoes.
  • When grilling the almost ready pizza, do remember, that everything can be burn in one minute, so check the conditions very often.
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