How to cook lamb ribs with onion

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How to cook lamb ribs with onion
This is one of the simplest way to cook lamb ribs. Very simple ingredients, very simple cooking technique and amazing results. This recipe is absolutely “must have” in any menu.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients are very simple.
    • Lamb ribs. 800 grams.
    • Onion 600 grams + one small onion.
    • Garlic – half bulb.
    • Vegetable oil, 100-150 gr. Traditionally, this dish should be cooked on lamb fat, but for many peoples it will be a bit too fatty.
    • Cumin (or zira) 1tbsp
    • Salt
    • As an extra, you can 1 hot chilli and 1tbsp of coriander seeds.

  2. Chop ribs into 5 cm bits, or cut each rib into three parts. Remove excessive fat bits.

  3. Warm up oil in casting iron casserole.

  4. While oil is warming, it is a good time to slice onion and peel garlic.

  5. This step was very important in traditional cooking to clean up a low quality oil. Put whole small onion into oil and wait until it turns dark-brown. After this discard onion.

  6. Warm up oil again and when it will be smoking hot, put ribs into casserole. Stir them occasionally.

  7. Cook 5 minutes until meat begins separating from bones. On the picture you can clearly see, that ends of the bones are exposed now.

  8. Add all spices, garlic, whole chilli, salt and cover everything with onion. Roast under the lid on very low heat about 1 hour.

  9. Remove lid and increase heat to the maximum. Remove garlic bulb and chilli if you've use them. Stir constantly.

  10. When the onion turns brownish, the dish is ready to serve. Be very careful, well-steamed onion can be burned very quickly.

  11. Serving suggestion. To serve this dish in traditional way, cover the plate with thin bread, like tortillas.

  12. Place cooked meat on the top of the bread. Bread will soak excessive fat.

  13. Add chopped coriander, basil and dill and quickly pickled mild onion on the top.

tips and tricks

  • Be very careful with smoking hot oil.
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